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A picture of the main character of the Creed films, Adonis Creed, is sitting in the corning of a boxing ring, staring down the opposite side while the other half of the image shows Hajime No Ippo's main character, the young boxer Ippo in the opposite corner of the ring. 1
One Classic Anime That Inspired Creed Is Still Worth Your Time

The story of a bullied high schooler who turns to learn boxing has inspired countless people, like the director/star of Creed III, Michael B. Jordan.

Hell's Paradise japanese teaser visual 1
Hell's Paradise Is An Explosive Mix Of Ninja Fantasy & Survival Horror

The first episode of Hell's Paradise will captivate fans of historic fantasy and survival horror with its intriguing mix of Battle Royale and Naruto.

Dragon Ball character Tien is seen charging an attack with both of his hands while stars illuminate him in the background and Earth sits in front of his hands. 1
Tien Is Hiding a Secret That Could Change Dragon Ball's World Forever

Tien was introduced as one of Dragon Ball's most powerful fighters, and he still knows of a technique that'd save countless lives if shared.

Naruto Sasuke Boruto Kawaki post time skip 1
Boruto's Time Skip is Already Naruto Shippuden's Exact Opposite

Boruto’s time skip will give it its own version of Naruto Shippuden, but the roles of the main characters from each series are actually reversed.

Goku fights Master Roshi's Jackie Chun 1
Goku Isn't the Personification of Dragon Ball, Master Roshi is

Master Roshi's first big lesson for Goku and Krillin represents everything Dragon Ball espouses and could've shaped Goku's personality going forward.

MHA's Dabi grinning maniacally 1
My Hero Academia Confirms Dabi's Power Level With Three Top Heroes

The villain Dabi has caused more damage to the heroes' side than any other villain, and now the top three are uniting to bring him down for good.

Trans Themes in Tomo-Chan Is a Girl 1
Crunchyroll's Hit New Romance is the Perfect Anime for Trans Fans

Between the lines of the new Crunchyroll romance anime Tomo-Chan Is a Girl! are themes regarding gender expression that Trans fans will love.

my hero academia mha villains lady nagant 1
My Hero Academia's Villains Symbolize Justice More Than its Heroes

My Hero Academia takes a moment to remind people that villains are people, too--and their rehabilitation makes them a better example of true justice.

Team Rocket striking a pose.  1
Team Rocket Accidentally Created Ash’s Greatest Pokémon Rival

In their effort to steal his Pikachu, Team Rocket accidentally created Ash's greatest Pokémon-trainer rival, and in doing so, just made him better.

Bardock's original design vs the retconned one. 1
Bardock’s Classic DBZ Design was WAY More Brutal than Fans Know

Bardock's original design was retconned in Dragon Ball Super, which is a shame as his original DBZ look held a brutal secret many fans don't know.

Raditz can make a comeback in Dragon Ball. 1
Dragon Ball GT Secretly Resurrected Raditz - Theory Explained

Raditz was completely wasted in Dragon Ball Z, but that mistake could be rectified in Dragon Ball Super--all thanks to one episode of Dragon Ball GT.

Poke?mon's AJ and Sandshrew behind Charizard and Pikachu.  1
Pokémon’s Cruelest Trainer Uncovers the Secret to Winning EVERY Battle

Early on in Ash's Pokémon training career, he came across one trainer/gym leader who was the absolute greatest he'd ever met, but also the cruelest.

Pokemon-Latias-Revealed 1
Ash's New Legendary Pokémon Friend is His Secret Protector

After being followed by a Latias he helped for six episodes, Ash's new Legendary friend has finally revealed its presence in his moment of need.

MHA-Mt-Lady-Smash 1
My Hero Academia Proves How to Do Dubbing Right With One Joke

My Hero Academia's English dub has added some extra flair to a few heroes' dialog, with some absolutely hilarious results.

Goku and Vegeta standing behind Gohan and Piccolo 1
Dragon Ball Super Is Better Without Goku And Vegeta

The Super Hero Arc of Dragon Ball Super is the first to not feature Goku and Vegeta at all, making it stand out as one of the best in the series.

Pokemon-Ash-Age 1
How Old is Ash at the End of His Pokémon Journey?

Time hasn't flowed for Ash as the Pokémon anime series progressed. Fans can't help but wonder, though: if Ash had been aging, how old would he be now?

MHA-Tenko-Tomura-Shigaraki-one 1
My Hero Academia Proves Shigaraki Is Complicit, Not a Victim

Both fans and the series sometimes treat Tomura Shigaraki as exclusively All for One's victim, but chapter 379 proves he bears responsibility, too.

DBZ: Frieza should be jealous of Buu. 1
Majin Buu Has One Dragon Ball Power That Would Make Frieza Jealous

While Frieza has become one of the most powerful fighters in the universe, there is still one DBZ power exhibited by Buu that he would be jealous of.

MHA-Dabi-blood-tear 1
My Hero Academia Proves Dabi Cares About One Todoroki, Only in Japanese

A particular line in the subtitled version of My Hero Academia's 17th episode of season 6 seems to indicate Dabi still has some love for his mother.

Pikachu is mad at Ash in Pokémon. 1
Ash’s First Pokémon Catch as a Trainer WASN'T Pikachu

While many fans might think that the first Pokémon Ash ever caught was Pikachu, that isn't exactly accurate as that honor goes to another Pokémon.