E3 2021 Roundup: 11 Games We¡¯re Stoked About

Bailey Meyers
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E3 2021 wrapped up this week, and to say it was full of surprises would be an understatement. Everyone from big studios to indie developers brought their A-game, and they weren’t there to play. (That’s our job, after all.) We’ve rounded up the E3 announcements that have us most excited to get gaming!

Metroid Dread (October 8, 2021)

Platforms: Switch

Move aside, Lady Dimitrescu, because the original tall video game wife is back, and taller than ever. (Just kidding, she¡¯s still 6¡¯3¡±. But her presence is so much taller than that.) Nintendo¡¯s E3 presentation this year was stuffed with bangers, and the decades-in-the-making Metroid Dread was no exception. Samus is back in this unique 2D platformer with 3D graphics, and she¡¯s ready to fire up her arm cannon. Best of all, we don¡¯t have to wait long; saving the galaxy from whichever grotesque alien monster (maybe Ridley again?) is just a few short months away.

Redfall (Summer 2022)

Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, PC

As exciting as it is to get new entries in familiar, beloved series, there¡¯s truly nothing more thrilling than a fresh IP. This co-op first person shooter from Arkane Austin (Prey, Dishonored) drops players in the middle of Redfall, Massachusetts, a charming island community with just one little downside: it¡¯s infested with vampires who have managed to block out the sun and plan to treat the townsfolk like an all-you-can-eat buffet. The trailer promises killer graphics, full voice acting, and a snarky good time (so long as you don¡¯t get eaten by a vampire).

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora (2022)

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Stadia, Luna

Yes, we¡¯re all still waiting for Avatar 2, which James Cameron is sure to release any day now. Probably. Maybe. (Mr. Cameron. Please.) In the meantime, gamers can still explore the dazzling world of Pandora, and we don¡¯t even have to go to Disney World to do it. (Thank Eywa, because I am not down to deal with that humidity right now.) Ubisoft promises that Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora?will be?an ¡°immersive, open world experience¡± that takes players on a journey through the Western Frontier, a previously-unexplored part of Pandora. For some reason, they haven¡¯t mentioned whether or not your character can get it on ponytail-style with another sexy Na¡¯vi, but once Ubisoft responds to my many letters, I¡¯m sure we¡¯ll have a clear answer.

Danganronpa Decadence (2021)

Platforms: Switch


Breath of the Wild 2 (2022)

Platforms: Switch

We already knew about this one, but we¡¯ve finally got a release date and an exciting new trailer that has fans buzzing with theories. Coupled with the fact that Nintendo is refusing to reveal the actual title of the game beyond?“Breath of the Wild 2” for ¡°spoiler¡± reasons, the hype for this game has never been higher. Personally, I think we¡¯re looking at a Ganandorf redemption arc, which I¡¯m perfectly fine with¡ªjust give the guy a glass of water first, okay?

Guardians of the Galaxy (October 26, 2021)

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Marvel¡¯s Guardians of the Galaxy may or may not be your cup of tea (your mileage may vary at this point with Chris Pratt¡¯s Star-Lord) but, honestly, this game looks sick as hell. Graphical masterminds Square Enix delivered a heck of a trailer during their E3 presentation, featuring bright colors, wacky space hijinks, and the best use of ¡°Holding Out For a Hero¡± since Shrek 2. Honestly, you could slap that song on a blank screen and I¡¯d buy whatever you¡¯re selling, but the game really does look fun.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (2022)

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Square¡¯s E3 presentation was chock-full of exciting announcements, including this ¡°souls-inspired¡± new take on beloved JRPG series, Final Fantasy. It looks gorgeous, and, thanks to the demo, it¡¯s clear that it¡¯s meant to be a gritty remake of the original Final Fantasy, making it the perfect place to jump into the series for newbies as well as just a really fun game for those gamers that already love FF. Of course, there¡¯s a reasonable limit to the grittiness¡ªexpect to run into a few Cactuars on your journey. (I wouldn¡¯t have it any other way.)

The Outer Worlds 2 (TBA)

Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, PC

Honestly, the first Outer Worlds was fine. The graphics were good. It had a story. (Mostly it just made me want to play Fallout: New Vegas?again.) However, if there¡¯s one thing that¡¯ll sell me on a game, it¡¯s a funny trailer. And, damnit, this trailer is funny. They got me.

WarioWare: Get It Together!?(September 10, 2021)

Platforms: Switch

Hey, Nintendo, are you kidding me? Are you pulling my leg? Is this a rascally little trick? The original WarioWare was released in 2003 and changed my life thanks to its wacky microgames and genuinely chaotic vibes. WarioWare: Get It Together! promises to continue that trend with a brand-new co-op mode, because if there¡¯s one thing that can improve rapidfire, high-energy gameplay, it¡¯s trying to coordinate with another person.

Somerville (2022)

Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC

Somerville is another original IP, this time from the creators of 2016¡¯s flawless?Inside. Somerville, much like Inside, is a puzzle platformer, following a family of three (dad, mom, son, doggy) as they navigate a nightmarish post-apocalyptic hellscape. The game looks spooky and intense, but the thing that¡¯s making me the most nervous is that sometimes you can see the dog in the trailer, and sometimes you can’t see the dog in the trailer. Where did he go?? Is he okay??

Jurassic World Evolution 2 (2021)

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Yes, blah blah, scientists were too preoccupied with whether or not they could, etc. RIP to those guys, but I¡¯m different. This simulator will let nightmare people like me build a very good park full of dinosaurs where they don¡¯t break out and eat people (hopefully). Jurassic World Evolution 2 is expected to release later this year, at which point I will be too busy breeding dinosaurs to do anything else, up to and including all real-world responsibilities. Life finds a way, okay?

Bailey Meyers
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