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Pok¨¦mon is one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises ever created. While releasing a game within the franchise is almost a guaranteed best seller, few could have predicted just how successful Pok¨¦mon Sword and Shield would be. There have been 17.37 million units sold by May 2020, becoming the highest earning launch of any Pok¨¦mon game ever. Pok¨¦mon Sword and Shield was originally released in November 2019 and the first DLC, Isle of Armor, arrived back in June.

Zacain and Zamazenta face off with Galar's Wild Pokemon region in the background
Zacain and Zamazenta

Even before it¡¯s release, this game became one of the most controversial entries into the video game franchise. Many criticisms revolved heavily around its length, graphical fidelity, and animation. Fans were also disappointed to find that the complete national Pok¨¦dex wouldn¡¯t be available in game for the first time in Pok¨¦-history.

While Sword and Shield¡¯s Pok¨¦dex was considered to be lacking, the new Crown Tundra DLC set to release this month is intent on changing that by bringing back some greatly missed fan favorites and almost every legendary from past games, some even taking on a new form.


Peony, the expedition team leader, points to himself

With the Sword and Shield expansion pass, trainers will have more Pok¨¦mon to catch in a whole new landscape. The Crown Tundra takes players to the frozen depths of Galar. A man named Peony will appoint you as the leader of his exploration team, tasking you with investigating the reaches of this unknown land, leading your team deep inside of Pok¨¦mon dens.

While exploring Dens, you¡¯ll be able to team up with three other trainers to complete Dynamax Adventures and compete in Max Raid battles. These adventures are the only way to find and catch all of the returning Legendary Pok¨¦mon.

Galar Star Tournament

The Crown Tundra will also introduce another new game mode called the Galarian Star Tournament. Unlocked during the new DLC¡¯s main story line, the Star Tournament allows players to battle against a variety of trainers. You can even rematch some of your favorite rivals and champions from Sword and Shield past!


Pok¨¦mon both old and reintroduced in The Crown Tundra DLC will be catchable in the token new area and transferable via the Pok¨¦mon Home. While there isn¡¯t an official list of every returning Pok¨¦mon, earlier data miners like twitter user ABCBOY101 found that there could be over 119 new and returning Pok¨¦mon.

Returning Pok¨¦mon from Pok¨¦past

However, The Pok¨¦mon Company recently released another trailer giving us a closer look at a few returning favorites. While watching the trailer, you can see a Swablu sitting on a nearby fence post as the trainer passes, Dragonite gives an excited screech to the trainer, a Nidoking wanders through an empty field, amongst countless other classics.

While most of these are familiar faces, there¡¯s a Pok¨¦mon that looks a little different than fans remember. During the trailer, the Galarian form of Slowking can be seen in battle! Unlike a standard Slowking, this Galar-exclusive varian is a Poison/Psychic type. Trainers can get to this new variant by evolving a normal Slowpoke using the Galarica Cuff (this can only be found in Isle of Armor). Then, an unknown item that can be found in the new Crown Tundra update will be able to upgrade your Pok¨¦mon to the final Galarian Slowking form.


While some Pok¨¦mon coming back are fan favorites, others set to return to the Pok¨¦dex lineup are literally the stuff from legends.


The release of The Crown Tundra comes with one of the most impressive expansions yet. According to the expansion pass update video released after the trailer on September 29th, all Legendary Pok¨¦mon that appeared in pok¨¦-past will return in the newest update. This is a welcomed decision for fans missing some of the most powerful Pok¨¦mon on the roster.

Pok¨¦mon Company Official Announcement

However, some fans noticed that there were a few Pok¨¦mon missing from the video¡¯s announcement. Legendaries like Manaphy, Shaymain, Hoopa, Arceus, among others, noticeably didn¡¯t seem to make the cut. Well, that¡¯s because all of the ¡°missing¡± Legendary Pok¨¦mon are actually Pok¨¦mon that are considered to be Mythical.

What¡¯s the difference? Legendary Pok¨¦mon are Pok¨¦mon that trainers can usually find during typical gameplay. They usually adorn the covers of the video games of which they are in. Mythical Pok¨¦mon are rare or hard to find as they are typically ¡°event only Pok¨¦mon¡±. Meaning, trainers can only obtain these Pok¨¦mon through event items though some may be available in the wild.

So while some Mythical Pok¨¦mon may be missing, there will be over 75 legendaries added to the new DLC. According to the graphic above, some Legendary Pok¨¦mon will be exclusive to either Pok¨¦mon Sword or Pok¨¦mon Shield, but players can easily stack their Pok¨¦dex by using Pok¨¦mon Home¡¯s trading system or trading with other trainers online.

Regieleki, Redidrago and Calyrex

Three new legendaries have been added to the Pok¨¦-family.?Regieleki is an electric type with a bottomless supply of electricity, rumored to pack the greatest power of any used by Electric-type Pok¨¦mon! Added alongside this electric new addition, Regidrago is a spherical, golem like Pok¨¦mon with parts of a dragon’s mouth as arms. Regidrago will become the only known Pok¨¦mon capable of using the extremely powerful move, Dragon Energy.

The final legendary added into the DLC is actually the one who adorns the packaging for the Expansions Pass. Calyrex is a Psychic/Grass type Pok¨¦mon who was rumored to rule all of Galar during ancient times. With extremely high intelligence, it¡¯s said to see every past, present and future event.

Galarian Moltres, Galarian Articuno and Galarian Zapdos

On top of this, the Legendary Birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are all taking on new Galarian forms. Galarian Articuno is now a Psychic/Flying type with a signature move called Freezing Glare. Zapdos is getting a Galarian makeover by being a Fighting/Flying type with a new Thunderous Kick signature slam. Moltres unleashes it¡¯s signature new Fiery Wrath with a Galarian Dark/Flying Type upgrade.


The Crown Tundra DLC will launch on October 22nd. Trainers will have to purchase the Expansion Pass that matches the version of the game you own. If you have Pok¨¦mon Sword, you will need to purchase the Pok¨¦mon Sword Expansion Pass. If you have Pok¨¦mon Shield, you¡¯ll need the Pok¨¦mon Shield Expansion Pass. Both passes will be available in the Nintendo eShop. Check the purchase page of the correct expansions Pass for your game by selecting the Expansion Pass notice displayed in the menu screen of the game.

eShop Purchase Screen

Starting on November 6, Trainers will have the opportunity to purchase bundle packs consisting of the Pok¨¦mon Sword or Pok¨¦mon Shield base game as well as that game¡¯s corresponding Expansion Pass, which includes The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. These bundle packs are well suited for Trainers who have yet to embark on their journeys in the Galar region.

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