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About Angel Shaw

Angel is a Senior Core Features Writer at Screen Rant, specializing in Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and other book-to-screen content. She holds a bachelor's degree in language interpreting and is passionate about all things culture, linguistics, and communication. She is deeply in love with any form of storytelling, whether it be books, movies, TV Shows, or video games. She loves diving deep into lore (the more complex, the better) and finding the hidden meaning behind a character’s smallest actions. Even more than that, Angel loves sharing her finds with anyone who is willing to listen, which makes Screen Rant the perfect place for her. Currently, Angel lives in Michigan with her husband, three sons, two cats, and a rambunctious dog. In her free time, she can typically be found binge-watching comfort shows, hanging out with her guild of nerdy friends, playing any Zelda game, or teaching her kids about the fantastical worlds of fiction.

harry-potter-dumbledore-last-words-train-station-explained 1
What Dumbledore’s Last Harry Potter Lines Meant (& How They Tipped Harry Off)?

Dumbledore's final words in Harry Potter were as much a riddle as the character himself—but they carried weight regarding the series' themes.

President Coin, Plutarch, and Katniss in The Hunger Games 1
Is Plutarch Heavensbee Good In The Hunger Games? It's Complicated

Plutarch Heavensbee did a mix of good and bad deeds in The Hunger Games, and like many other characters, this made his morality difficult to define.

Jack-Sparrow stabbing the kraken in Pirates of the Caribbean 1
Jack Sparrow's Pirates Of The Caribbean Arc Focused Too Much On Immortality

Jack Sparrow's quest for immortality via Aztec gold, cursed hearts, and Fountains of Youth in Pirates of the Caribbean amounted to seemingly nothing.

Squid-Game-Recruiter-Il-Nam 1
1 Minor Squid Game Character Is A Perfect Prequel Lead

The full history of the terrible Squid Games is still a mystery, but a prequel series led by the right character could dive into the inner workings.

little-mermaid-2023-halle-bailey-singing-ariel 1
Halle Bailey Is Already Making 1 Iconic Little Mermaid Moment Better??

Disney's casting for Ariel in the Little Mermaid remake has been criticized, but Halle Bailey's performance of an iconic song settles the debate.

Joey and Rachel relationship friends 1
Rachel & Joey Would Have Been Endgame If Friends Were Made Today

Rachel and Ross were the big will-they-won't-they relationship of Friends, but if the show were made today, it would have to be Rachel and Joey.

harry-potter-petunia-dursley-backstory-explained 1
Petunia Dursley's Backstory: 6 Things That Happened Before Harry Potter

The Harry Potter movies left out a great deal of Petunia Dursleys history. However, the books and the Wizarding World website had much more to say.

The good place Chibi 1
The Good Place Retconned Chidi After Season 1 (But It Makes Sense)

Chidi's indecisiveness increased after The Good Place season 1. However, when looking at his character arc, this retcon is ultimately fitting.

Lord of the rings merry and pippin 1
The LOTR Movies Completely Changed Merry & Pippin (For The Better)

Merry and Pippin in the Lord of the Rings books were very different compared to the movies, but this change ultimately worked for the better.

harry-potter-order-pheonix-voldemort-dark-possession-plan-explained 1
Voldemort’s Plan To Possess Harry Potter In OotP Was Darker Than You Think

The Harry Potter movies saw Voldemort attempt to possess Harry, but only the books revealed his disturbing secret purpose for doing so.

Wednesday-Tyler-Hyde 1
Why Tyler Saved Wednesday’s Life In Season 1

Tyler did several good deeds in Wednesday season 1, which seems to indicate that he wasn't all bad. However, every move had an ominous purpose.

frozen-3-snow-queen-fairytale-ideas 1
5 Original Snow Queen Fairytale Details Frozen 3 Should Use

Frozen was based on The Snow Queen fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson, but several fun plot details weren't used - but Frozen 3 could change this.

Finrod-The-Rings-Of-Power 1
Finrod’s The Rings Of Power Speech Makes No Sense In LOTR Lore

Finrod advised Galadriel that she must sometimes touch the darkness to know right from wrong in Rings of Power, but that doesn't fit his LOTR lore.

Why Harry Potter Never Gave The Weasleys Money (He Wasn’t Being A Jerk) 1
Why Harry Potter Never Gave The Weasleys Money (He Wasn’t Being A Jerk)

Despite his wealth, Harry Potter never offered to help the Weasley family with their financial struggles. In the books, it's clear this wasn't greed.

Annie and Finnick in The Hunger Games Mockingjay 1
Sam Claflin Is Wrong – Finnick's Hunger Games Death Was Perfect

Finnick's The Hunger Games death was a tragedy, and actor Sam Claflin agrees. However, the victor's sacrifice made an important point to the Capitol.

disney villains evil queen scar maleficent 1
4 Reasons Disney Needs To Bring Back The Old Villain Formula

Disney's recent villains are very different from their classics—and the change was necessary at first—but it may be time to revert to true villainy.

cobra kai, daniel, johnny 1
Cobra Kai Season 6 Has A Johnny & Daniel Fight Problem?

Cobra Kai spent years building to a final fight between Johnny and Daniel, but now the moment is here with season 6, the outcome is too predictable.

Gi-hun-Squid-Game 1
Squid Game Season 2?Can Still Give Gi-Hun A Happy Ending

Gi-hun will seek revenge in Squid Game season 2, which could prove fatal for his character. Still, he has a chance left for a happy ending.

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in a poster for Catching Fire 1
5 Ways The Hunger Games Movies Failed Katniss Everdeen’s Character

Katniss' character was greatly watered down in the Hunger Games movies for the sake of time and likability and it did her book counterpart no justice.

How Time Turners Work In HP & TCC (& Why It Ruins Prisoner of Azkaban) 1
How Time-Turners Work In Cursed Child (& Why It Ruins Harry Potter Book 3)

Albus and Scorpius changed the past in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but Prisoner of Azkaban already established that that can't happen.

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