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Dana Hanson is a trainer and freelance writer for Screen Rant, covering stories about Star Trek for the Movie/TV feature writing team. She attended Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, graduating in 2019 with a degree in Media Arts production and a concentration in Writing for TV and film. She has previous experience working with an online and print publication as a freelance editor and has been passionate about both writing and Star Trek for years. She currently lives in Pennsylvania.

Star trek discovery captain burnham 1
Discovery Failed To Revolutionize Star Trek’s Enterprise Mission

Star Trek: Discovery had the potential to fully realize the USS Enterprise's original mission, but failed to do so over the course of the show.

Picard season 3 troi lore geordie 1
7 TNG Characters Still Missing From Picard Season 3

At the halfway point, Star Trek: Picard season 3 still hasn't included the return of some important TNG characters, confirmed and unconfirmed.

Star trek strange new worlds prodigy spock discovery 1
Star Trek's Multiverse Can't End With Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 officially confirmed that the Multiverse exists, but the franchise must continue to explore it after Discovery ends.

Picard season 3 jack crusher jean luc picard 1
Even Jack Crusher Thinks His Name Is A Picard Insult

Star Trek: Picard's Jack Crusher implies his name is an insult from his mother to his father, but Jean-Luc Picard doesn't see it that way.

star trek voyager vs borg first contact 1
Star Trek First Contact Set Up Voyager Vs. Borg

Two cameos in Star Trek: First Contact helped pave the way for Captain Janeway and the crew of Star Trek: Voyager to tackle the Borg in later seasons.

Star trek voyager janeway 1
Every Star Trek: Voyager Season Ranked Worst To Best

Star Trek: Voyager ran for a total of seven seasons, but some seasons were better than others. Here's every Voyager season ranked worst to best.

The Borg And Species 8472 From Star Trek 1
How Star Trek's Original Borg Design Radically Changed (& Why)

The Borg are one of Star Trek's most iconic alien races but were very different conceptually until budgetary constraints mandated a change.

Star Trek Queer History 1
Star Trek: A Queer History Of The Franchise

While the Star Trek franchise has only added explicitly LGBTQ+ characters in the last 4-5 years, it has had ties to queer themes from the beginning.

EVery Star Trek Series 1
Every Star Trek TV Series, Ranked By Popularity

Star Trek has had a wide range of critical and commercial success. But what's considered to be the best Star Trek series, and which is most popular?

Nyota Uhura And Guinan From Star Trek 1
Whoopi Goldberg Perfectly Described The Importance Of Uhura In Star Trek: TOS

Whoopi Goldberg's story of how she became a Star Trek fan perfectly describes the importance of Nyota Uhura's inclusion in The Original Series.

Captain Kirk From The Kelvin Timeline And The Star Trek Enterprise Cast 1
Why Enterprise Is Canon In Both Star Trek Timelines

Star Trek's Kelvin and Prime Timelines are very different, but both of them share the events of Enterprise in common because of when they diverged.

Star Trek Discovery Captain pike Spock 23rd Century 1
Why Star Trek: Discovery Had To Leave The 23rd Century Behind

Star Trek: Discovery began in the 23rd century, but the show's 930-year time jump to the future in the third season was an extremely smart choice.

Finn Poe Dameron Paul Stamets And Hugh Culber From Star Wars And Star Trek 1
How Star Trek Succeeds At Diversity When Other Sci-Fi Fails

Star Trek has a long history of diversity, and this has helped newer franchise shows succeed at representation where other modern sci-fi has failed.

John de Lancie as Q and Patrick Stewart as Picard in Star Trek Picard Season 2 1
Star Trek: How Jean-Luc and Q's TNG History Evolves In Picard

Jean-Luc and Q have a complex history, something that was established in Star Trek: TNG and seems to still be informing their dynamic in Picard.

Galaxy Quest Star Trek parody Captain kirk spock 1
Why Galaxy Quest Was The Perfect Star Trek Parody

As a loving parody of the Star Trek franchise, Galaxy Quest served to humanize fandom at a time when fans were still considered outcasts.

Benjamin Sisko Kasidy Sisko And Jake Sisko From Star Trek Deep Space Nine 1
Star Trek: Why Avery Brooks Changed Sisko's Original DS9 Ending

Benjamin Sisko's ending in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine finale was originally a lot less ambiguous until Avery Brooks asked for it to be changed.

Star Trek the Next Generation cast hated Star Trek Nemesis 1
Why The TNG Cast Hated Star Trek: Nemesis

Star Trek: Nemesis is a universally disliked film, even by members of its main cast who have also leveled criticism at the sequel's director.

William Shatner Star trek the original series How old every main character was at start and end 1
Star Trek: How Old Every TOS Main Character Was At The Start & End

Star Trek: TOS's main cast remain some of the most iconic characters in the franchise, but how old was each character at the start and end of TOS?

Star trek Picard the next generation How Old Data Is At The Beginning and End 1
Star Trek: How Old Data Is At The Beginning & End Of TNG & Picard

Data was one of the main characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but how old was Data in his first and last appearances in the franchise?

Jonathan Frakes Was Right About star trek the next generations Most LGBTQ Episode 1
Star Trek: Why Jonathan Frakes Was Right About TNG's Most LGBTQ Episode

Star Trek actor Jonathan Frakes thinks TNG was too timid with an episode that could have pushed the franchise's LGBTQ+ representation farther forward.

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