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Daniel is a passionate writer, with extensive copywriting and content writing experience. With an unbridled love for all things cinema, he has a particular love for horror films, video games, and all those classic films we all know and love. Daniel also enjoys playing snooker and attending live snooker events, and cooking.

every-bond-skiing-chase-scene-ranked 1
6 James Bond Skiing Chase Scenes Ranked

There are six ski chases in the James Bond franchise, but they differ in certain ways, making some better than others for different reasons.

Two women on a TV tower in Fall 1
5 Reasons Fall 2 Can't Be A Direct Sequel

Here are the five biggest reasons Fall 2 cannot be a direct sequel to 2022’s Fall and why it should start afresh with a new story and characters.

Temple of Doom Darkest Indiana Jones Movie 1
5 Reasons Why Temple Of Doom Is The Darkest Indiana Jones Movie

Temple of Doom has long since been considered the darkest entry in the Indiana Jones series, and there are a number of reasons for this.

Every Train Fight In The James Bond Franchise, Ranked 1
Every Train Fight In The James Bond Franchise, Ranked

There have been a number of great train fights in the James Bond franchise, some better than others, and this list ranks them all in quality.

james-bond-franchise-mistakes-survive 1
7 Worst Mistakes The Bond Movie Franchise Survived

There are seven particularly unforgivable mistakes the 007 franchise has made, but James Bond has survived them and lived to thrive thereafter.

Idris elba james bond 1
After All The Talk, It's Good Idris Elba Won't Be The Next James Bond

Despite all the past rumours, Idris Elba will not be the next James Bond, but why is this actually a positive move for the 007 franchise?

matrix-4-neo-and-trinity 1
What Went Wrong With The Matrix 4

The Matrix Resurrections failed to live up to its predecessors, and there are a number of reasons why so much went wrong with the third sequel.

Daniel Craig as james Bond in Skyfall and Spectre 1
How Spectre Repeats Skyfall’s James Bond Villain Problem

Skyfall and Spectre both have the same problem with their villain’ plots, hurting the James Bond films, and making them narratively nonsensical.

james-bond-all-cars-destroyed-1 1
All 13 Cars 007 Destroys In The James Bond Franchise

These are all the 13 cars James Bond destroys, both directly and inadvertently, throughout the series, and how they met their sad fate in the story.

Sean connery on her majestys secret service 1
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Wouldn’t Have Worked With Connery As 007

Sean Connery as James Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, rather than George Lazenby, would have hurt the film rather than enhanced it.

james-bond-movies-saved-007-franchise 1
The 3 James Bond Movies That Saved The 007 Franchise From Dying

These three James Bond films rescued the franchise from extinction, resurrecting the series from their lackluster predecessors and winning fans back.

john-wick-4-adjudicator-asia-kate-dillon-problem 1
John Wick 4's Missing Adjudicator Is A Bigger Franchise Problem

The Adjudicator from John Wick: Chapter 3 will not be returning for John Wick: Chapter 4, which could be a bigger problem for the franchise.

james-bond-only-live-twice-disguise-sean-connery-hair 1
Bond's Disguise In You Only Live Twice Gave Away Sean Connery's Secret

Sean Connery was keeping a secret throughout all of his Bond films, and the disguise he dons in You Only Live Twice gives the secret away.

Old Indy and Sallah 1
John Rhys-Davies’ Indiana Jones 5 Return Can Continue A Franchise Trend

A franchise trend for Indiana Jones could be continued with John Rhys-Davies reuniting with Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

dr-no-felix-leiter-james-bond-character-cool 1
Dr. No's Felix May Secretly Be The Reason For James Bond's Coolness

James Bond’s cool personality might have been inspired by Jack Lord’s stoic and relaxed portrayal of Felix Leiter in the first 007 film Dr No.

henry cavill james bond 1
Henry Cavill's New Movie Makes Up For His Missed James Bond Opportunity

Henry Cavill lost out to Daniel Craig on playing James Bond in Casino Royale, but his upcoming new movie makes up for the missed opportunity.

James Bond pointin a gun at someone in Diamonds are Forever 1
Why Sean Connery Returned In Diamonds Are Forever After Missing Bond 6

Sean Connery returns for Diamonds Are Forever, after skipping the sixth James Bond film, but what are the reasons and motivations for his return?

Split image of Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig as James Bond 1
007's Secret Trend Teases A Major Change For Bond 26

A secret trend, which has run through the James Bond franchise from the beginning, suggests Bond 26 will bring a major change for the series.

Bond 26 Has An Opportunity To Establish A Modern James Bond Tradition

A modern James Bond tradition has the opportunity to be established with Bond 26's director following the end of No Time To Die and Craig's era.

James Bond driving a remote control BMW in Tomorrow Never Dies 1
Tomorrow Never Dies Deserves 1 James Bond First GoldenEye Wrongly Claimed

GoldenEye claims many Bond firsts, but Tomorrow Never Dies, Pierce Brosnan’s second outing, claims one first which GoldenEye wrongly claimed.

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