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Gina Wurtz is a Senior Writer for Screenrant. She's an avid film lover, screenwriter, and diehard Taylor Swift fan (she'll drop tidbits about Taylor into her articles any chance she gets.) Based in New York, Gina graduated from The New School in 2020 with a BFA in Screen Studies and later completed a Film & TV Essentials Course with Yellowbrick and NYU Tisch School Of The Arts. She has a weekly newsletter called Movie Mondays With Gina and hosts The Universe According to Gina on Spotify & Apple Podcasts. Gina's an animal lover and owns a Siberian Husky named Leo, after Leonardo Dicaprio, because she's also obsessed with Titanic. You can keep up with Gina on social media, where she is likely tweeting about her favorite tv shows and movies and reacting to all exciting news with her favorite viral Oprah Winfrey gif.

Shutter island was teddy a marshall 1
Was Teddy A US Marshal In Shutter Island?

By the end of Shutter Island, its clear nothing was as it seemed, but it's unclear if Teddy was ever a US Marshal or if it was part of his delusion.

The poster for American Hustle featuring the cast 1
American Hustle True Story: 8 Biggest Changes To The Abscam Scandal

American Hustle is based on the FBI Abscam operation in the 1970s, but Hollywood made some changes to the original story for the film's sake.

Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Michelle Williams in Shutter Island 1
What Shutter Island Was Really About

The psychological thriller Shutter Island follows Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule searching for a missing inmate, later revealing a much darker theme.

Amanda Seyfried Letters To Juliet 1
The True Story Behind Letters To Juliet Explained

Letters To Juliet is a fictional story following a woman's journey to find her lost love in Verona, but the movie's concept is very real.

Wednesday and Harry potter 1
1 Wednesday Line Takes The Harry Potter Influence Too Far

Netflix's Addams Family spinoff series Wednesday takes inspiration from the popular Harry Potter film series, but one line is a little too similar.

Helen Hunt and the Harper house from I See You 1
Where Was I See You Filmed? All Locations Explained

The 2019 thriller I See You primarily takes place in the Harper family home. Here's where the real-life house is located.

Joe in You season 4 and Ellie in You season 2 1
10 Biggest Stories You Season 5 Needs To Tie Up

You season 5 will be the final season of the Netflix thriller series, and it has a lot of storylines to resolve before its official conclusion.

american-horror-story-biggest-unanswered-question-every-season 1
American Horror Story: The Biggest Unanswered Question From Each Season

American Horror Story has been airing for over a decade, and as each season gets more complex, the series continues to leave some stories incomplete.

Megamind does finger guns from Megamind  1
Megamind TV Show's Title Change Makes The Story More Exciting

Megamind has changed its name from Megamind's Guide To Defending Your City to simply Megamind TV show, and this is a positive change for the series.

Phrogging in I See You 1
What Is "Phrogging"? I See You's Home Invasion Explained

The activity of phrogging is showcased in the film I See You when Alec and Mindy live in the Harper family's home without their knowledge.

The shining Jack and wendy 1
Stephen King Was Right About 1 Of The Shining's Most Controversial Critiques

Stephen King had a lot of negative feedback for Stanley Kubrick's adaption of The Shining, but his opinion of one character was completely valid.

3 Times Ghostface Faked Their Own Death In Scream

Ghostface is known for tricking their victims, and there have been a few times when the Scream killers faked their own death to throw everyone off.

I see you true story 1
Is I See You Based On A True Story? Real-life Connection Explained

I See You follows a family being watched by two phroggers living in their home amidst a kidnapping case, sharing similarities to a real-life event.

Frog mask in I See You 1
Alec's Frog Mask In I See You Explained

Alec is one of the main characters in I See You, who was kidnapped as a child. The Frog mask he wears throughout the film holds a lot of significance.

Why Joe Still Sees Rhys At The End Of You Season 4 1
Why Joe Still Sees Rhys At The End Of You Season 4

When all is said and done at the end of You season 4, Joe is still able to see Rhys, despite his efforts. So who is Rhys and why is he still there?

Scream 6 locations 1
Where Was Scream VI Filmed? Filming Locations Explained

Scream 6 was set in New York City, but the slasher film was actually shot in various locations around Montreal, a city in Quebec, Canada.

Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman in No Hard Feelings 1
Why Jennifer Lawrence’s New Movie Is Already So Controversial

Jennifer Lawrence's new movie, No Hard Feelings, has yet to even premiere, but it is already angering many due to its controversial plot.

Kathy Shroeder in Waco American Apocalypse 1
What Happened To Waco Survivor Kathy Schroeder

Kathy Schroeder appears in Netflix's Waco: American Apocalypse, and despite her experience, she remains religious and still defends David Koresh.

artie mchale glee cast 1
Glee's Artie Controversy Explained (& Why The Backlash Was Justified)

Glee faced a lot of backlash when they cast able-bodied Kevin McHale as wheelchair user Artie in the series, and the criticism was fair.

What Claire Has To Do With Maddie's Death In School Spirits 1
What Claire Has To Do With Maddie's Death In School Spirits

The latest episode of School Spirits suggests Claire might have played a major role in her ex-best friend's death, along with Mr. Anderson.

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