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Joe Anthony Myrick is a writer for Screen Rant. Since first beginning his career as a professional writer after graduating with a B.A. in English studies, Myrick (or JAM) has spent much of his time under the Valnet umbrella for sites like TheRichest and TheTravel. Now, a seasoned veteran of his practice, JAM dedicates his expertise to the Comics column of Screen Rant. Previously, he served as a head editor for Daily DDT and Under the Laces for FanSided. In addition, he serves as a writing teacher in his spare time.

doctor who fugitive doctor companion 1
Doctor Who's Fugitive Doctor Had the Series' Most Shocking Companion

Over the course of Doctor Who, the Doctor has had several shocking, complex & even questionable companions. This companion is someone they now hate.

Pink Power Ranger Kimberly Actress Amy Jo Johnson 1
Original Pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson Returns For New Comic Series

The original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson returns to the Power Rangers franchise, writing a brand new comic series of her own design.

Doctor Aphra and Darth Vader in a Star Wars comic 1
Darth Vader's New Weapon Is Finally Exposing an Ancient Force Secret

In a crossover between Star Wars: Darth Vader and Doctor Aphra, the two fan-favorites will search for a major Force crystal.

Blade vs Daughter Brielle 1
Blade and His Daughter Will Fight to Decide the Ultimate Daywalker

In a fight that may very well decide Marvel's future, the Daywalker squares off with his daughter in Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #3.

ghost rider weapon x redesign 1
Ghost Rider's New Redesign Turns Him into a Satanic Weapon X

When a new Ghost Rider strolls into town, Johnny Blaze is shocked to discover his brother Danny Ketch has a new look. But who created his armor?

Batgirls Barbara Gordon Stephanie Brown Cassandra Cain DC Comics 1
DC Finally Settles Which Batgirl is the Best Fighter

One moment proves which Batgirl is the greatest fighter of them all, a truth that remains consistent throughout the DC Comics multiverse.

buffy the vampire slayer buffy faith willow-1 1
Buffy's New Slayer Trinity Flips Faith & Willow's Relationship

Faith and Willow never got along on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but they're becoming a new Slayer Trinity thanks to recent shared trauma.

PALOMINO comic 1
Neo-Noir Series PALOMINO Returns To Kickstarter (Exclusive)

Stephan Franck's critically acclaimed neo-noir Palomino is getting a follow-up in not one but two new volumes, on Kickstarter now.

Harley Quinn Animated Series and Batman 1
Harley Quinn's New Love Interest Uncovers a Shock Connection to Batman

Harley Quinn and Batman have very little in common as characters, but the two surprisingly share one thing now: a love interest.

Buffy the Last Slayer 1
10 Biggest Changes in Buffy the Vampire Slayer's New Future Continuity

It looks like Buffy the Vampire Slayer's dystopian future universe is here to stay. Here's everything it changes about the continuity fans know.

guardians of the galaxy groot yondu yondar 1
Groot's Origin to Introduce Yondar - Ancient Ancestor of GotG's Yondu

The secret origins of Yondu will cross with Groot's own origin in a new Guardians of the Galaxy prequel story introducing his ancestor, Yondar.

spider-man doctor octopus new arms 1
Spider-Man's Doctor Octopus Is Getting a Major New Upgrade to His Arms

Doctor Octopus is back to slay Spider-Man with a deadly upgrade, as his new enhanced arms add deadly features to his iconic weapons.

Lord Zedd in New Red Power Ranger Comic Art 1
Lord Zedd Joins The Power Rangers, With A Killer New Redesign

Lord Zedd has spent years fighting the Power Rangers, but now he must become one of them to achieve his victory (with a killer suit of his own).

Anthony Mackie as Sam and Tom Holland as Peter Parker in the MCU 1
Sam Wilson's Captain America Has More in Common with Spider-Man than Steve Rogers

A Sam Wilson fight scene in Sentinel of Liberty #11 shows why the new Captain America is much more similar to Spider-Man than to Steve Rogers.

buffy the vampire slayer watchers council watcher 1
Buffy's Watchers Council Just Got Its Biggest Change Ever

Besides Giles, the Watchers Council never had Buffy the Vampire Slayer's best interests in mind, but the shoe's on the other foot now.

groot cosmic ghost rider 1
'Dark Groot' Becomes the Perfect Partner for Marvel's Cosmic Punisher

Groot is often presented in the Marvel Universe as a cute, cuddly character, but Punisher's Cosmic Ghost Rider form helps bring out his darker side.

indigo children 1
X-Files Meets Umbrella Academy in Spooky New Sci-Fi Indigo Children (Exclusive Preview)

Image Comics and Curt Pires reunite for a spooky sci-fi mix between the Department of Truth and The Umbrella Academy. Get ready for Indigo Children.

Ultimate Comics 1
You Think a Major Marvel Hero Is Dead... But He's Not

The Ultimate Marvel Universe sported several memorable characters, but one long-thought-dead character is bound to return for Ultimate Invasion.

Carnage's Ultimate Form Replaces Venom as Marvel's Scariest Symbiote

There's been an ongoing debate among comics fans about who is scarier between Carnage and Venom, but one comic settles that question once and for all.

CAIN featured 1
Walter Hill's CAIN Brings A Neo-Noir, Blind Hitman to Dark Horse (Exclusive)

Cain, a neo-noir centered around a blind hitman, produced by Hollywood legend Walter Hill and award-winning television and comic writer Mike Benson.

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