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Robert Pitman is a Movies/TV features writer for Screen Rant and loves all things nerdy. He has had experience with editing and SEO in his time working at WVUA 90.7 FM, the University of Alabama's official student radio station. Robert is currently a sophomore at the University of Alabama and is doing a double major in Creative Media and General Business.

Tony Soprano and the poster for The Sopranos 1
What If The Sopranos' Original Movie Plan Actually Happened?

The Sopranos was initially pitched as a movie rather than a TV show, and things would have been very different if The Sopranos was a feature film.

Maximus and the cast of Gladiator 1
10 Gladiator Characters Who Can Return In Gladiator 2

Although most of the characters from the original Gladiator die in the film, there are still plenty of characters that can return in Gladiator 2.

Michael Myers, Sam Loomis, and Laurie Strode 1
6 Halloween Movie Retcons That Made The Franchise Better

The Halloween franchise is notorious for its massive retcons, but these six retcons actually helped make the series significantly better.

Space Beth, Rick, and Summer 1
Replacing Rick & Morty Could Fix Season 7's Recast Problem

Rick and Morty season 6's story set up a perfect replacement for Rick and Morty in season 7, possibly allowing the show to avoid the recasting issues.

scream-7-opening-scene-kill-actors-celebrities 1
13 Actors We Think Should Be Scream 7’s Opening Scene Kill

Scream movies always have a big celebrity death in their opening kill scenes, and here are some of the best potential picks for Scream VII.

Aunt Lydia, June, and Baby Nichole 1
The Testaments Is Now More Important Than The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale is finally coming to a close with season 6, but focus is already shifting away from the original series and onto The Testaments.

percy-jackson-tv-struggle-adapt-book 1
6 Book Elements Disney's Percy Jackson TV Show Will Struggle To Adapt

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a Disney+ series based on the popular book series, but it will struggle to adapt several key elements.

John Connor and Kyle Reese 1
The Terminator's Ending Paradox Isn't The Problem You Think It Is

The Terminator's ending has caused controversy due to a seeming paradox involving Kyle Reese and John Connor, but it's actually not a problem.

Saul Goodman representing Badger in Breaking Bad 1
Better Call Saul Gave 1 Obscure Breaking Bad Line A Tragic Origin

Breaking Bad leaves one huge mystery completely unresolved, but Better Call Saul subtly ties up this loose end and gives it a whole new meaning.

Mutants in Planet of the Apes 4 1
Planet of the Apes 4's Production Accidentally Gave A Huge Story Hint

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes' production title has some massive implications regarding the story of the upcoming fourth reboot film.

Creed II and Creed III's posters 1
Stallone’s Creed 3 Absence Finally Ruined A Rocky Franchise Record

Creed III didn't feature Rocky Balboa, with Sylvester Stallone's absence causing the film to break one of the longest standing Rocky trends.

avatar-way-water-omatikaya-metkayina-differences 1
Every Difference Between Avatar 2's Omatikaya & Metkayina

Avatar: The Way of Water introduced an all-new type of Na'vi - the Metkayina - who live in the water, differing significantly from the Omatikaya.

Joel carrying Ellie in The Last of Us finale 1
Was Joel Right In The Last Of Us? Breaking Down His Ending Decision

Joel's decision in the finale of HBO's The Last of Us was a controversial one, raising questions over why Joel made the choice that he did.

Chef Gremlin from Gremlins 2 and Gizmo 1
Gremlins 3 Has 1 Huge Franchise Hurdle To Overcome

Gremlins 3 has been rumored for ages, and if it ever does happen, it has a huge problem to deal with regarding the legacy of the franchise.

Nan Pierce and the Succession season 4 poster 1
Who Nan Pierce Is & Why She's So Important In Succession Season 4

Nan Pierce is a huge player in Succession season 4, episode 1, and here's a recap of who she is and why she is so important to the final season.

Logan Roy and the Succession season 4 poster 1
Succession Season 4, Episode 1 Recap & Power Rankings

The first episode of Succession season 4 is out now, and some big moves have been made. So, here are the power rankings after the events of episode 1.

Logan Roy and the Roy siblings 1
Succession Season 4 Episode 1 Ending Explained

The long-awaited Succession season 4 has finally started, and here are all of the biggest reveals from the ending of episode 1, explained.

Dee and Mac in Always Sunny 1
Why Always Sunny's Original Dee Actress Was Replaced After The Pilot

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is known for its charismatic main cast, but that was almost very different, as the original Dee was replaced.

Clubber Lang, Adonis, and Amara Creed 1
Clubber Lang’s Creed 4 Return Could Completely Redefine Rocky’s Franchise

Creed III introduces Amara Creed as the future of the franchise, and Clubber Lang would be the perfect Rocky character to help kick it off.

Shiv Roy roman succession 1
Are Roman & Shiv Roy Twins?

One of Succession's biggest mysteries regards if Shiv and Roman Roy are actually twins, and here is all the evidence that supports this claim.

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