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Shannen's parents raised them on Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pixar, Marvel, and Disney. Now all of the former are conveniently owned by the latter. Some things they like that aren't owned by Disney include Back to the Future, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, Doctor Who, Dungeons & Dragons, The Umbrella Academy, and Our Flag Means Death. Shannen majored in English and Media Studies at Florida State University, with minors in Film and Classics. Their favorite film about the classical era is The Eagle and their favorite film about making a film about the classical era is Hail, Caesar. Shannen thinks Rey should have been descended from Wedge Antilles.

leverage season 1 nate sophie hardison parker 1
Why You Should Watch Leverage Season 1 In A Different Order

Leverage has few overarching plots, meaning it's easy to watch it out of order. But Leverage season 1 doesn't make sense in its original order.

fantasia-disney-remake-live-action-bad-reasons 1
7 Reasons Fantasia Wouldn’t Work As A Disney Live-Action Remake

Fantasia is a beloved Disney classic from the company's "Golden Era" of early animated films, so a live-action remake of Fantasia would never work.

Sarah, Ellie, and Henry in The Last of Us season 1 1
The Last Of Us Season 1 Episodes Ranked Worst to Best

The Last of Us season 1 had a series of 9 incredible episodes. But some were more forgettable and bogged down by exposition than others.

perry and marlene in the last of us show and abby in game part ii 1
5 Game Actor Cameos You Missed In The Last of Us Season 1

Several of the original The Last of Us video game actors appear in The Last of Us season 1 - and some cameos are more obvious than others.

Jean Cole & Loretta McLaughlin In Boston Strangler 1
What Happened To Jean Cole & Loretta McLaughlin After The Boston Strangler?

What happened to Jean Cole and Loretta McLaughlin after the events of the Boston Strangler murders depicted in Hulu's new Boston Strangler film?

detective conley jean cole boston strangler 1
Why The Real Boston PD Never Caught The Boston Strangler

The Boston police failed to catch the Boston Strangler both in Hulu's new movie and in real life. What was distracting them from the murders?

jean cole and loretta mclaughlin in boston strangler 1
Boston Strangler True Story: Everything The Movie Changes

Hulu's Boston Strangler film starring Keira Knightley covers a series of real-life murders in the 1960s but changed some elements of the true story.

loretta mclaughlin jean cole in boston strangler 1
Who Was The Real Boston Strangler?

As shown in Hulu's Boston Strangler movie, Albert DeSalvo confessed to the 13 Boston Strangler murders. But was DeSalvo the real killer?

loretta mclaughlin and jean cole in boston strangler 1
Boston Strangler Ending Explained

Hulu's Boston Strangler movie wraps up its fictionalized story but leaves some questions about the true history of the Boston Strangler case.

idris elba luther benedict cumberbatch sherlock 1
Idris Elba Shows The Best Way Cumberbatch's Sherlock Can Continue

Idris Elba shows how it's still possible for BBC's Sherlock to continue with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the lead roles.

Kang the Conqueror and Adam Warlock in MCU 1
Marvel's Adam Warlock Has A Dark Similarity To Kang The Conqueror

Kang the Conqueror is the MCU's next big villain, while Adam Warlock could be the next big hero — but they have more in common than meets the eye.

peter and wendy live action peter pan 1
Why Disney’s Live-Action Peter Pan Remake Took So Long To Release

From its announcement in 2016 to its release in 2023, Disney's new live-action Peter Pan & Wendy has taken seven years to produce. Why so long?

last of us ellie part 2 game joel show 1
How Does The Last Of Us End?

Will HBO's The Last of Us show follow through on the stories of both the Naughty Dog video games or veer from the original plot entirely?

Joel in The Last of Us Game and Pedro Pascal as Joel in the show 1
Does Joel Die In The Last Of Us? (Game & Show Explained)

Joel is alive and well so far in The Last of Us season 1. But what will happen to him in The Last of Us season 2 or potentially future seasons?

bill in the last of us viktor in the umbrella academy 1
The Umbrella Academy S4 Casting Reveals Help The Show’s Finale In 2 Ways

The newly announced cast members and their characters for The Umbrella Academy season 4 will help the show's final season in multiple ways.

we have a ghost ernest fulton and kevin 1
We Have A Ghost’s Tiktok Scene Is Right About A Real Modern Horror Problem

The TikTok montage of Netflix's We Have a Ghost rightly points to a real problem with other supernatural horror movies set in the modern day.

daenerys game of thrones ellie the last of us 1
The Last Of Us Episode 6's Filming Mistake Exposes A Game Of Thrones Hypocrisy

The mild reaction from viewers to a filming mistake in The Last of Us episode 6 reveals a hypocrisy regarding fellow HBO show Game of Thrones.

Last of us episode 7 riley death 1
You're Not Prepared For Riley's Story In The Last Of Us Episode 7

The Last of Us episode 7 will introduce Riley, a character from the Left Behind video game expansion with an important connection to Ellie.

sonic the hedgehog and toothless how to train your dragon 1
The Live-Action How To Train Your Dragon Repeats Sonic's Design Curse

The live-action adaptation of How to Train Your Dragon will have to overcome the same problem that the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog film dealt with,

Gi-hun in Squid Game with red hair and the Squid Game card 1
Squid Game Season 2’s Plot Reveal Hints At A Season 1 Arc Repeat

New plot details revealed by a Squid Game star imply that season 2 of the hit Netflix series will repeat a major story arc from Squid Game season 1.

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