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Carlyle Edmundson is a manga news writer with an affinity for science fiction and fantasy. He graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a BS in Film Studies and is pleased it finally bears some relevance to his work. A lifelong fan of anime and manga, he has attended dozens of conventions over the years and may or may not have cosplayed at some of them. Presently, he is developing a retro JRPG-inspired visual novel, "Elven Revenue Service."

Pokemon-Aim-to-Be-a-Master-Review 1
Review: Ash's Last Pokémon Series is a Legendary Letdown For fans

The Pokémon anime's wrap-up miniseries delivered a lot of fan service, but its meandering tone left many fans disappointed with the end result.

MHA-Mineta-Cruella-DeVille 1
My Hero Academia Just Stole One of Disney's Most Iconic Villains

A new chapter of My Hero Academia's spinoff series Team-Up Missions features a villain who could not be more clearly inspired by Disney.

Pokemon-game-heroes-in-anime 1
All 9 Pokémon Game Heroes Who Appear in the Anime, Ranked

Not every Pokémon game protagonist has had a chance to appear in the anime. A few have, though, and their on-screen performances have varied greatly.

MHA-Hero-Killer-Stain 1
My Hero Academia's Hero Killer is Helping His Worst Enemies

Hero Killer Stain is hardly a proponent of hero society, but even he has a line. All for One has crossed it, forcing him to make an awkward choice.

Demon-Slayer-season-3-announcement 1
Demon Slayer Season 3 Gets Official Release Date & Streaming Home

Following the theatrical debut of season 3's first episode, the television premiere date for it (and the rest of the season) has been confirmed.

Pokemon-Liko-pendant-New-DLC 1
Could Pokémon's New Heroine Be Tied to Its Newest Legendary?

With the reveal of a new legendary Pokémon in the latest Pokémon Presents, new anime protagonist Liko's pendant is more interesting than ever.

MHA-Star-and-Stripe-Reveal 1
My Hero Academia's Anime Introduces America's Top Hero

The season finale of My Hero Academia introduced a character who's soon to become a major player: America's number one hero, Star and Stripe.

Trigun-Milly-Returns 1
Trigun Stampede Officially Confirms Milly's Return

A much-loved character from the original anime is now set to make an appearance in Trigun Stampede, fulfilling the wishes of many fans who missed her.

Pokemon-Amethyo 1
Pokémon Reboot Reveals Character Designs for a Mysterious New Group

More new characters have been revealed for the upcoming Scarlet/Violet Pokémon anime, and this time they appear to be the antagonists.

MHA's Dabi grinning maniacally 1
My Hero Academia Confirms Dabi's Power Level With Three Top Heroes

The villain Dabi has caused more damage to the heroes' side than any other villain, and now the top three are uniting to bring him down for good.

Trigun-Stampede-S2-renewal 1
Trigun Stampede Season 2 Officially Announced

Following the epic season finale, a second season of Trigun Stampede was confirmed to be on the way.

Pokemon-Ash-Pikachu-Excited-Reunion 1
Ash's Final Episode Sees One Final Fan Favorite Pokémon Return

Pokémon: Aim to Be a Master has brought back nearly all of Ash's Pokémon at least for a cameo, and now his last episode sees one final reunion.

my hero academia mha villains lady nagant 1
My Hero Academia's Villains Symbolize Justice More Than its Heroes

My Hero Academia takes a moment to remind people that villains are people, too--and their rehabilitation makes them a better example of true justice.

Trigun-Stampede-Knives-Motive 1
Trigun Stampede Finally Explains Why Knives Became a Villain

Knives' turn to villainy wasn't as instantaneous as it seemed to Vash--in fact, he has a pretty good reason to be so furious at humanity.

Pokemon-Latias-Revealed 1
Ash's New Legendary Pokémon Friend is His Secret Protector

After being followed by a Latias he helped for six episodes, Ash's new Legendary friend has finally revealed its presence in his moment of need.

MHA-Mt-Lady-Smash 1
My Hero Academia Proves How to Do Dubbing Right With One Joke

My Hero Academia's English dub has added some extra flair to a few heroes' dialog, with some absolutely hilarious results.

Pokemon-Ash-Age 1
How Old is Ash at the End of His Pokémon Journey?

Time hasn't flowed for Ash as the Pokémon anime series progressed. Fans can't help but wonder, though: if Ash had been aging, how old would he be now?

Pokemon-Hunter-Arm-Cannon 1
Pokémon Brings Back one of the Anime's Most Dangerous Weapons

A dangerous weapon used by a villain from long ago makes a return in the hands of a villainous new character for Pokémon's penultimate episode.

MHA-Tenko-Tomura-Shigaraki-one 1
My Hero Academia Proves Shigaraki Is Complicit, Not a Victim

Both fans and the series sometimes treat Tomura Shigaraki as exclusively All for One's victim, but chapter 379 proves he bears responsibility, too.

Pokemon-Ash-Contemplating 1
Ash's Final Pokémon Episode Gives Him A Controversial (But Perfect) Ending

The Pokémon anime with Ash has finished, but its open ending is likely to rile up fans who were hoping for closure with the long-running character.

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