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Superman Rebirth Doomsday Action 1
Doomsday Only Killed Superman Because The Green Lanterns Upgraded Him

Doomsday is the only one to kill Superman, but he may not have been able to if not for upgrades inadvertently given to him by the Green Lanterns!

Star Wars' Battle Droids. 1
Star Wars' Original Fate For the Clone Wars Battle Droids is Perfect

Battle Droids essentially vanished from the Star Wars galaxy after the events of the Clone Wars, but one story reveals their fate - & it's perfect.

Rick Sanchez Rick and Morty season 6 episode 1 1
Rick & Morty Officially Admits Rick Isn't a Nihilist (& Never Was)

Rick claims he doesn't care about much, doesn't believe in anything, and thinks life is basically pointless, but in reality he's just fooling himself!

Flux Cover 1
Avengers’ Most Powerful Hero Ever Can Finally Return in Marvel Canon

One Avenger died after he used his powers to alter matter and energy to save the entire galaxy, but now there's a way to bring him back from the dead.

Naruto is seen lying down and looking sad towards the sky while an image of an older Kawaki is seen clenching his fist while his shoulder glows with a red power. 1
Is Naruto Dead After Boruto's Time Skip?

The fate of Naruto has been revealed ahead of the Boruto anime's timeskip, and the series's cryptic intro with Kawaki now makes much more sense.

TMNT's Leonardo. 1
TMNT Knows Which Turtle is The Most Heroic (And It's Not Leonardo)

While all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are heroes who have saved the world time and again, one of them is the most heroic, and it's not Leonardo.

Nagato Soul Dragon 1
Naruto's Most Powerful Jutsu Was Only Used Once (For a Good Reason)

The Soul Dragon technique used by Nagato was so overpowered that it could end any fight in seconds, meaning it was only seen once in Naruto.

doctor who fugitive doctor companion 1
Doctor Who's Fugitive Doctor Had the Series' Most Shocking Companion

Over the course of Doctor Who, the Doctor has had several shocking, complex & even questionable companions. This companion is someone they now hate.

Alien: Xenomorphs vs marines.  1
Aliens' Missing Scene Is One of the Franchise's Most R-Rated Slaughters

Aliens is perhaps the best installment in the Alien franchise, but it is missing one integral scene that would have made it an even better sequel.

Thanos Face in Comics With Glowing Eyes 1
One Thanos Battle Showed He's Even More Evil Than Marvel Fans Think

While Thanos is best known for his snap, his most villainous moment came when he was the champion of Death... and had nothing to live for.

chris hemsworth as thor the strongest avenger in the mcu 1
Thor Confirms Mjolnir's 'Worthy' Loophole Is Even Worse Than It Seems

Thor's hammer Mjolnir is one of the most famous weapons in comics, but the God of Thunder isn't the only one who has mastered its power.

X-Men Cyclops Powers 1
Cyclops' Powers Got the Ultimate Upgrade Thanks to a Marvel/DC Crossover

When Marvel and DC merged, their version of Cyclops came out better than most, boasting a power boost courtesy of one of DC’s most underrated heroes.

Superman Watchmen DC Comics 1
Superman Exists in Watchmen's Reality - But Not How You Think

Superman doesn’t physically exist in Watchmen, but the first Nite Owl reveals how the Man of Steel changed Hollis Mason’s world for the better.

The Black Racer from Justice League The Darksreid War in Flash Season 2 1
Ghost Rider Took His Ultimate Form by Possessing DC's Flash

Ghost Rider has had a great many hosts throughout his Marvel Comics history, but none of them can compare to the Flash--creating his ultimate form.

peter and mary jane divided by benjamin rabin 1
Spider-Man & MJ Broke Up Over Their Version of the Blip - Official Theory

Mary Jane spent years trapped in a demonic dimension with another man while only months passed for Spider-Man, which explains why she has kids now.

alien xenomorph progenitor gun 1
Alien Confirmed a Shocking Species Are the Ultimate Xenomorph-Killers

While many fans might assume Ripley or the Predators are the ultimate Xenomorph-killers in the Alien series, there is one species that's even better.

Ambassadors Image Comics 1
The Ambassadors Is Superhero Satire With an Irresistible Premise (Review)

Image’s The Ambassadors #1 by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely presents a world where people have a chance at gaining superpowers on one condition.

Star Wars' Leia and Yoda.  1
Star Wars Just Implied Leia Would Have Been a Stronger Jedi Than Yoda

Even though Leia never completed her Jedi training with Luke, Star Wars hints that she's a stronger Jedi than Yoda (with one specific Force power).

iron man gamma armor hulk 1
Iron Man's Anti-Gamma Armor Unleashed Tony Stark's Personal Hulk

When Tony Stark was infected by gamma radiation, his personal Hulk was unleashed in brutal new armor - but Bruce Banner was there to stop it.

Dragon Ball character Tien is seen charging an attack with both of his hands while stars illuminate him in the background and Earth sits in front of his hands. 1
Tien Is Hiding a Secret That Could Change Dragon Ball's World Forever

Tien was introduced as one of Dragon Ball's most powerful fighters, and he still knows of a technique that'd save countless lives if shared.