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Luffy looks serious in One Piece 1
Luffy's 10 Hardest Fights in One Piece

Luffy has had a lot of incredibly intense fights throughout One Piece's 25 years of serialization, but which were the hardest for him to deal with?

Justice League Weapons DC Comics 1
The 10 Most Powerful Weapons The DC Universe Has Ever Created

The DC Universe has a lot of powerful weapons to aid its heroes in their respective missions. Discover the ten best tools and how they stack up.

DC Comics Controversial Covers 1
10 DC Comics Covers That Even Fans Were Shocked By

With as long as DC Comics has been around, it comes as no surprise they’ve had a few scandalous covers. Find out which covers amazed even DC’s fans.

guardians of the galaxy star-lord romances kitty pryde 1
5 Best Star-Lord Romances in Guardians of the Galaxy History

Star-Lord may be known as a cosmic heartbreaker, but there are five relationships that totally changed the course of Peter Quill's life.

Most Influential Comics List Revision 1
The 10 Most Influential Comics of All Time

There’s a great big world of comics out there, and Screen Rant is counting down the stories with the most lasting impact in modern times.

Vegeta breaks his scouter device in Dragon Ball over 9000. 1
Dragon Ball's 10 Highest Power Levels Ranked

Dragon Ball is a series notorious for introducing the concept of power levels, a numerical rating associated with one's perceived battle power.

spider-man weapons 1
10 Spider-Man Weapons That Are Basically Their Own Superpowers

Spider-Man is more than just a webslinger, he’s a tech wiz whose made some truly impressive gadgets. Discover ten of the best weapons in his arsenal.

10 Greatest Flash Villains DC's Speedster Has Ever Faced

Flash has fought a lot of baddies in his time as the premier speedster of the DC Universe, but who are the best? Discover the top ten Flash villains.

insomniacs after school manga 1
10 Manga to Read During the March Anime Drought (& Where to Read Them)

Not many big anime have been released in March, so here are the 10 best manga to read while waiting for the next huge releases in April.

Justice League Incarnations DC Comics 1
10 Greatest Incarnations of the Justice League in DC Comics

The Justice League has seen a lot of changes over the years and they’ve inspired countless other groups. Discover ten stellar variations of the team.

Joker and DC Comics Logo 1
The Top 10 Worst Things The Joker Has Ever Done in the DC Universe

The Joker has a list of offenses a mile long, but which of his crimes are the worst? Discover the top ten most diabolical things the villain has done.

Green Lantern Power Rings DC Comics 1
Every Green Lantern Power Ring Color, Ranked From Worst to Best

The Green Lanterns may have the most well known Power Rings, but there’s plenty more floating around the DCU. See how they compare to each other.

Buffy the Last Slayer 1
10 Biggest Changes in Buffy the Vampire Slayer's New Future Continuity

It looks like Buffy the Vampire Slayer's dystopian future universe is here to stay. Here's everything it changes about the continuity fans know.

Super Saiyan Form 1
Dragon Ball Z’s 5 Most Epic Transformation Scenes

Dragon Ball Z has offered fins a plethora of transformations over the course of the series and here are five of the best.

DC Comics Crossovers 1
DC's 10 Best Crossovers of All Time (That Weren't With Marvel)

DC has had fun with its many Marvel crossovers, but what about interactions with other worlds? Discover DC’s other best crossover stories.

Charlie Brown and Lucy Football Gag 1
The 10 Best Charlie Brown & Lucy Football Gags

The football gag is one of the most recognizable jokes in Peanuts. Here are the 10 best times Lucy tricked Charlie Brown into falling on his back.

Thanos' 10 Most Powerful Weapons in Marvel History

With a 50 year history at Marvel, the terrifying cosmic villain Thanos has threatened the universe countless times with a cache of deadly weapons.

Flash Family DC Comics 1
10 Fastest Speedsters in The Flash Family

The Flash Family is one of the largest heroic units in the DCU, but how do their speedsters rank? Find out who comes in first when it comes to speed.

Superman Unbelievable Moments DC Comics 1
10 Times Superman Went Too Far (& Fans Hated It)

Superman may be considered the gold standard of heroes, even he’s had his odd chapters in history. See the top ten moments Clark Kent went too far.

Marvel Comics Parodies DC Comics 1
10 Best DC Universe Parodies of Marvel Heroes

Marvel and DC may have a friendly rivalry, but that doesn’t mean DC isn’t afraid of satire. Discover the ten best parodies of Marvel’s heroes.