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Mashle: Magic and Muscles 1
An Exciting Shonen Jump Series Absolutely Skewers Fullmetal Alchemist

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is well-regarded for its irreverent parodies, and the latest thing to be targeted by it is Fullmetal Alchemist.

chainsaw man 1
Chainsaw Man Cosplay Shows Just How Scary Denji Would Be in Live Action

Denji's Chainsaw Man transformation is a form that isn't exactly family friendly, with this cosplay bringing to life a look that's utterly terrifying!

power rangers the coinless ranger hunter pink ranger 1
Power Rangers Is Rewriting 90s History With Its New Evil Team

BOOM! Studios brings back the Power Rangers arch-nemesis Lord Drakkon and the World of the Coinless in a special one-shot comic book special.

JJBA-Rohan-Kishibe-DNA 1
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 9 Just Brought Back Part 4's Biggest Character

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The JOJOLands has revealed the identity of Jodio's target, and he just so happens to be the biggest character in the series.

Wonder Woman from Revenge of the Gods 1
Wonder Woman’s Amazons Have Been Abandoned by the Gods (Literally)

After?Lazarus Planet, Wonder Woman and the Amazons have officially been abandoned by the gods. How will they survive under this new status quo?

MHA-Mineta-Cruella-DeVille 1
My Hero Academia Just Stole One of Disney's Most Iconic Villains

A new chapter of My Hero Academia's spinoff series Team-Up Missions features a villain who could not be more clearly inspired by Disney.

Jimmy Olsen investigates an unmasked Bruce Wayne as Batman 1
Jimmy Olsen Just Took Down Batman By Himself (Yes, Really)

Superman's pal just landed his greatest ally in trouble as Jimmy Olsen just shockingly took down Bruce Wayne (and Batman) all by himself.

Saitama in One-Punch Man 1
One-Punch Man Reveals The Only Hero Whose Strength Saitama Respects

One-Punch Man finally reveals one hero strong enough to deserve Saitama's earnest praise and respect, proving that the protagonist has changed a lot.

New Mutants #28 Jorge Molina Cover Featured Image 1
Magik Cosplay Is the Ultimate Homage to a Chilling X-Men Moment

A stunning new piece of art combines cosplay from @caitlincontagious and digital editing from @patloika to homage an epic Magik cover by Jorge Molina.

Daredevil Spider-Verse Marvel Comics 1
Daredevil's New Costume Proves His Biggest Criticism is Justified

Daredevil joins the club when a slew of variants gives Marvel heroes their own spider-themed costumes, bringing an interesting criticism to light.

buffy the vampire slayer spike dark willow 1
Spike Calls Out Buffy Fans for Totally Misunderstanding Dark Willow

In a new Buffy universe, Spike points out that Dark Willow is not actually evil, suggesting that fans have always misunderstood the character.

Wolverine #33 Sandoval Variant Cover, 1
Marvel's New Wolverine Debuts a Power Logan Can Only Dream of

Marvel's Ironfire puts a new twist on the concept of Wolverine’s claws, and he’s debuted a power upgrade that might just make Logan’s claws obsolete.

jonah hex spectre 1
DC Fanart Shows How to Resurrect Its Best Dead Hero (With New Powers)

An awesome new sketch from acclaimed creator Dan Schkade shows the perfect way to bring Jonah Hex into the modern era - and give him powers.

Pink Power Ranger Kimberly Actress Amy Jo Johnson 1
Original Pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson Returns For New Comic Series

The original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson returns to the Power Rangers franchise, writing a brand new comic series of her own design.

Promo image for One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 shows Luffy charging up a fire fist attack with Blackbeard laughing in the background while Kuzan uses an Ice attack. 1
One Piece's Egghead Arc Teases Luffy's Ultimate Rivalry

One Piece's Egghead Island arc is paying off many lingering plotlines, like Luffy's rivalry with Blackbeard, which may explode sooner than expected.

The Marvel Comics Universe 1
Marvel Just Changed Its Entire Universe with 2 Words

A stunning reveal in Clobberin' Time #1 proves that something else is protecting the Marvel Universe from dangerous threats, not the Avengers.

Batman in Rain DC Comics 1
Batman is DC's Least Impactful Hero, And DC Just Proved Why

Despite his reputation as a hero, Batman might not be the best person to save the world, and one of his longtime nemeses finally explains why.

Sukuna and Mahoraga 1
Jujutsu Kaisen Teases the Return of an Incredibly Strong Villain

As Jujutsu Kaisen continues to show off Sukuna's full power, it is also bringing back an incredibly powerful antagonist from Shibuya to aid him.

Leinel Francis Yu Beast Cover with Last of Us Zombie Featured Image 1
The X-Men's Beast Just Become A Terrifying "The Last Of Us" Zombie

After Wolverine kills Beast in revenge, the villainous Hank McCoy is revived as a terrifying The Last of Us-style fungal zombie.

Superman and Jimmy Olsen Camera DC Comics 1
DC Just Created One Ridiculous Weapon Even Stronger Than Superman

Superman may find himself flummoxed by the Fifth Dimensional Mister Mxyzptlk, but one surprising tool makes him incredibly easy to deal with.