Hogwarts Legacy is full of characters to meet, locations to explore, and secrets to uncover - but there are a few hidden interactions that players might not realize are there. Of course, considering the massive open-world map, which contains both a detailed replica of Hogwarts, and a sprawling expanse of land full of caves and camps beyond school walls, it would be unrealistic for students to immediately uncover every possible activity. However, 10 of the secret things to do in Hogwarts Legacy are especially worth noting, as they're ultimately most worth the detour.

To the (understandable) dismay of some witches and wizards, many of the side quests in Portkey Games' recent release are simple fetch quests, which task them with retrieving an item and then bringing them back to the person who assigned the quest. In fact, even some of the best quests in Hogwarts Legacy follow this format. While they tend to be worth the reward in the end, they can quickly become unappealing. Luckily, the game contains some well-hidden activities that offer more unique gameplay or interactions, but they can be easy to miss.

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10 Players Can Help A Hogwarts Legacy Musician Buy New Instruments

Hogwarts Legacy's Hogsmeade at night, with porch lights on and string lights hanging between buildings.

While taking a stroll in Hogsmeade, or visiting any of its nearby hamlets, players might hear a catchy tune and stumble across a one-man band named Ernie Lark, who will kindly ask that the protagonist tips him 10 Galleons. If they're feeling generous and decide to tip him on five separate occasions, they'll excitingly find that each time, the musician will be using a new instrument.

Whereas he starts off with a single French horn, he'll eventually be able to use a violin, lute, accordion, drum, and even a strange, snake-like flute. It's a small detail, so some Hogwarts Legacy players busier collecting Field Guide pages in Hogsmeade might not notice this progression.

9 It's Possible To Go Through A Fireplace In Hogwarts Legacy's Library

A Hogwarts Legacy student casting Lumos and looking at the Library's fireplace, which has been extinguished.

Throughout the game's events (and throughout the Harry Potter series as a whole), the library has been consistently proven to contain some of the wizarding world's most fascinating secrets. One that's lesser known, however, is that it's possible to go through the fireplace and reach a secret chest in Hogwarts Legacy.

As NottheWinner Gaming on YouTube demonstrates, all that players will need to do is cast Glacius to extinguish the flames, then duck through to the secret room behind it. If not just for the excitement of discovering this hidden area, the large chest behind the fireplace provides an additional incentive.

8 Hogwarts Legacy's Kitchens Can Be Visited

A male Gryffindor student in Hogwarts Legacy's kicthens, with a House Elf preparing food behind him.

The Great Hall always has some delicious food on the tables, and unfortunately, the responsibility falls on the hardworking house elves who are made to prepare all the meals behind the scenes. However, unbeknownst to some witches and wizards, it's actually possible to visit this iconic location in Hogwarts Legacy. The entrance to the Hogwarts Kitchen is cleverly disguised as a painting near the Hufflepuff common room, but if players "tickle the pear," they'll be allowed in. The kitchen contains a few chests with valuable loot, but it also provides a peek into the everyday lives of Hogwarts house elves.

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7 The Viaduct Bridge Offers Secret Loot In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle Dais in Area Between Great Hall and Library Annex in Hogwarts Map

In Hogwarts Legacy's magical world, nothing is ever as simple as it seems, and not even something as normal as a bridge is excluded from this sentiment. The bridge in the Viaduct Courtyard, which is adorned with a few braziers, is actually a puzzle hiding in plain sight, and the rewards are well worth the extra effort. All students need to do is cast Incendio on each of the braziers, then match the numbers to the symbols on the manhole cover. The manhole will open upon doing so, revealing a ladder to the viaduct containing multiple chests below.

6 Players Can Climb Hogwarts Legacy's Clock Tower

A player looking up at the swinging pendulum of the Clock Tower in Hogwarts Legacy.

Another easily-missed loot spot in Hogwarts Legacy resides in the Clock Tower. While players will have visited this location to duel other students in the Crossed Wands tournament, they were probably too busy casting spell combinations to notice that the giant, swinging pendulum is actually the key to another puzzle. By freezing the pendulum in accordance with the symbols on the ground (which correspond to those on the doors), it's actually possible to climb all the way up the iconic Clock Tower. Plus, if that isn't reward enough, players will find a handful of chests as they make their ascent.

5 There's A Hidden Art Studio Behind A Hogwarts Legacy Fireplace

A Hogwarts Legacy student in the secret room behind the Faculty tower's fireplace, which contains several easels and sketches.

As it turns out, the secret room behind the library fireplace isn't the only one of its kind. In a YouTube video, TheBrothersGrim117 showcases that using Glacius on the fireplace in the South Wing Faculty Tower will clear the path to one of numerous Hogwarts Legacy staircases, which in turn leads to an incredibly well-hidden room, full of hand-drawn sketches depicting various buildings and architecture. There are also a couple of collectibles located therein, such as a Field Guide page and a Collection Chest, but more excitingly, this unique artwork is something that most Hogwarts Legacy players never discover.

4 A Tapestry Is Hiding A Secret Room In Hogwarts Legacy

A Hogwarts Legacy character casting Lumos and looking at a tapestry with a giant K.

While some students may be under the impression that they've visited every room in the castle, one particular room in Hogwarts is disguised in plain sight. In the Bell Tower Wing, a faded tapestry with a large letter K actually serves as a doorway to a secret corridor and room. Therein, the player will be met with a collection of mysterious statues, a chest, and even a secret story. If they cast Lumos on each of the tapestries in the back room, they'll shift to tell a cautionary tale about a witch who was bitten by a werewolf.

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3 Hogwarts Legacy Players Can Find The Book Of Admittance

An intricate door being unlocked by the Key Of Admittance on the left, and the Book of Admittance on a stand to the right in Hogwarts Legacy.

Solving the Key of Admittance puzzle is quite tricky, in part because most Hogwarts Legacy students will never discover this secret location or even be made aware of its existence. After all, they'll need to have completed some late-game quests and unlocked level 3 of the Alohamora spell in order to obtain all the necessary components for entering this hidden room. However, it's possibly one of the coolest areas in Hogwarts, featuring the iconic Book of Admittance and Quill of Acceptance, alongside a stunning view of the castle from its highest room, the Headmaster's Office.

2 A Deathsday Party Is Happening In Hogwarts Legacy

A player in Hogwarts Legacy standing in the Deathday Party room, as a group of ghosts look at him from the right.

While witches and wizards celebrate their birthdays, the ghosts of Hogwarts celebrate their deathdays, instead - and the player actually can crash one such deathday party in Hogwarts Legacy. As showcased by PirateSloth on YouTube, this gloomy banquet can be found in the Slytherin Dungeon, locked behind a level 1 Alohamora spell. Inside, a group of ghosts in Hogwarts Legacy will be dancing together, and one especially humorous exchange can be overheard. This ghastly party is a sight to behold, but since it's tucked in an unassuming corner of the castle, most students will miss out on the fun.

1 Well, Well, Well Quest Is Hard To Find In Hogwarts Legacy

A rendered image of the map provided for the Well, Well, Well quest, with sketches detailing the quest's location vaguely.

"Well, Well, Well" is a particularly evasive Hogwarts Legacy quest that even some of the most experienced witches and wizards may never find. It can only be obtained by exploring the wilderness near the Aranshire hamlet in Southern Hogwarts, in which the player can discover a talking, magical well. The well will spit up an almost comically vague treasure map, depicting a tree in a dilapidated structure (which could realistically be anywhere, considering Hogwarts Legacy's true map size).

For this reason, not many players will find the end location for Hogwarts Legacy's well quest, much less receive the quest in the first place. But as Visual Walkthrough reveals on YouTube, the masterfully hidden chest will be located underneath a tree slightly southwest of Irondale, near an ancient magic hotspot. Thanks to the overgeneralized nature of the map, though, which is of little to no help, most players won't solve - or even discover - this secret side quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Editor’s Note: Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has been accused of transphobia by those in the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling does stand to earn royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for trans rights and that trans identities are valid. Support services are listed below for trans people impacted by discussions of transphobia.

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