Warning: spoilers ahead for Scream 6.

Scream 6 did not keep its murders PG though some were more brutal than others. The sixth film went bigger with five Ghostface killers amid the New York City landscape. The first two killers were revealed as film students Jason Carvey and his friend Greg who plotted to murder their professor. However, they were soon murdered by another Ghostface, who at the end of the film was revealed as Detective Bailey working with his children Quinn Bailey and Ethan Landry.

Detective Bailey's other son was Richie Kirsch, the Scream 5 killer and Sam's boyfriend. Sam killed Richie out of self-defense in the previous film, and to avenge his death, the detective went after her with his family. Like all Ghostface killers, he didn't succeed, and his, Quinn, and Ethan's death were three of the many brutal murders that occurred throughout Scream 6.

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9 The Bodega Shooting

Ghostface in a bodega in Scream 6.

The bodega killing was a pretty wild scene as it occurred early into Scream 6. Sam and Tara were scared for their lives hiding in the aisles of the New York City shop, hoping that Ghostface, armed with a gun he stole from the store's cashier, wouldn't find them and kill them. It's a lot easier to run from a Ghostface with a knife than a Ghostface who can shoot them from a distance. Luckily, Sam and Tara got out safe, though the same can't be said for the cashier. However, the death was pretty fast and not too graphic, making it the least brutal of the film.

8 Jason Carvey's Killing

Scream 6's Jason Carvey

Jason Carvey made history in Scream 6 as the first Ghostface to reveal himself in the opening scene, a pretty exciting twist for the franchise. Every Scream movie has opened with Ghostface attacking someone, alerting their victims that they're back. This time, Ghostface took his mask off after killing his film professor Laura Crane. Unfortunately, he didn't make it far into the film before getting a phone call and being killed by a different Ghostface. Jason was brutally stabbed to death in his kitchen, revealing he never had any real power as a killer to begin with.

7 Dr. Christopher Stone's Brutal Stabbing

Scream 6 Sam's therapist Dr Christopher Stone

When Detective Bailey told Kirby Reed about Dr. Christopher Stone's murder, he sounded excited and proud. Though, the way it played out was quite disturbing. Ghostface broke into the doctor's home and stabbed him through his nose. It was one of the more graphic killings in the film and showed just how far Ghostface is willing to go to get what he wants. While it was a gory and violent scene, the doctor was unfortunately not a huge part of Scream 6, so his death didn't have as much significance.

6 Quinn Bailey's Real Murder

scream 6 quinn

It's always easier to watch the villains die than the victims. Quinn faked her own death earlier in Scream 6 during the apartment killings scene, but her real death occurred after she, her brother, and their father revealed their identities as Ghostface. While fighting off Sam and Tara, Tara hits Quinn in the head with a brick, which knocks out her teeth and drenches her mouth in blood. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to kill her, leading Sam to shoot her in the head. It was a pretty gross ending.

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5 Laura Crane's Murder

Ghostface and Samara Weaving's Laura in Scream 6

The original Scream opening scene is one of the most iconic in Slasher film history, so much so that Drew Barrymore's character has been recreated by countless fans on Halloween since 1996. Every film after that has made sure to make its opening scene brutal and memorable. Scream 6 added the twist of Jason revealing himself after killing Laura, but it didn't detract from the brutality. Jason pretended to be Laura's date, lured her out of the restaurant and into an alley, and then twisted her insides with a knife through her stomach, giving her no opportunity to survive. Laura wasn't a crucial character, but her murder was highly disturbing.

4 Detective Bailey's Final Demise

scream 6 detective bailey

Detective Bailey had been torturing Sam and her friends for the whole film, so it was hard not to enjoy watching him die. Since he was the ringleader, he was the last to go down, and it took a lot of work for the sisters to destroy him. Sam unleashed all her anger and questions about her connection to her father, the original Scream Ghostface, on the detective, stabbing him over 30 times. For her final stab, she went straight for his eye. It was a brutal end for Detective Bailey.

3 Greg's Body In The Refrigerator

Scream 6 Ghostface in Front of Pile of Money

Greg may not have been crucial to the film and actually didn't appear alive at all, but his death was one of the grossest murders Ghostface has ever committed. While on the phone with Jason, Ghostface instructed him to open his refrigerator. Inside was Greg's chopped-up body. While the audience didn't see the murder happen, the dismembered body parts and the thought of Ghostface ripping Jason's friend apart were hard to stomach.

2 Ethan Landry's Stu-Inspired Death

Scream 6 Ethan

Out of all the Scream 6 Ghostface deaths, Ethan had it the worst. Though it was iconic how Kirby mimicked the way Sidney Prescott killed Stu Macher in the first Scream. Tara thought she'd put an end to Ethan's life when she stabbed a knife into his throat and twisted it like Ghostface had done to so many victims in the past. However, like many of the other Scream 6 survivals that made no sense, Ethan was still alive. Just like Sidney killed Stu by pushing a tv onto his head, Kirby did the same thing to Ethan. His electrocution was unsettling yet satisfying.

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1 Anika's Fall To Death

scream 6 ghostface killer

For Mindy Meeks-Martin's sake, everyone in Scream 6 was rooting for Anika Kayoko to survive. Mindy and Anika were seemingly dating, but the Scream 6 character didn't make it out of the apartment killings alive like everyone else. Sam's boyfriend, Danny, spotted Ghostface in Quinn's room and was unsuccessful at warning everyone that he was inside. Soon, Ghostface went after everyone, including Anika.

It seemed apparent Anika wouldn't make it after her brutal stabbing, but she still climbed the ladder to Danny's apartment, following Sam, Tara, and Mindy. Unfortunately, Ghostface grabbed the ladder from the other end, violently shaking it until she fell several stories to her death. What made it worse was Ethan and Anika showed signs of being close friends earlier in the film, making Anika's murder even crueler.

No Ghostface Scream murder has ever been peaceful, but Anika's death takes the cake, especially because of her connection to the killer. Ethan clearly tricked her into believing he was her friend, only for him and his family to take her down with no remorse. It will be hard for Scream 7 to top the brutal Scream 6 murders, though the films have always been good at outdoing themselves.

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