WARNING! This article contains major SPOILERS for Scream 6!

Scream 6 took on a lot with three Ghostfaces and no Sidney Prescott, and it, unfortunately, led to some unresolved issues. The film took its Scream 5 characters, Sam and Tara Carpenter and Chad and Mindy Meeks-Martin, from Woodsboro to New York City for one of the craziest sequels the franchise has ever seen. Gale Weathers returned as the nosy news reporter who's always forgiven for the books she writes about the killings because she's at least willing to help fight off Ghostface. Kirby Reed also made her first appearance in the franchise since Scream 4, seemingly as a replacement for Neve Campbell's character.

Scream 6 took a risk that worked in its favor by revealing Ghostface in its opening scene for the first time ever. While another Ghostface quickly killed Jason Carver, the sequence offered a twist no one saw coming, preventing the franchise from going stale. Scream 6 presented several more twists, and while many of them kept the film exciting, some did not add up. The ladder caused a lot of plot holes and mysteries that fans still wonder about after leaving the theater.

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Scream 5's Amber Said The Franchise Needed Sidney Scream 6's

Amber looking suspicious in a bar in Scream 5

The previous film introduced one of the biggest Scream 6 plot holes. When Amber Freeman reveals herself as one of the Ghostface killers, she tells Sidney that while she and Richie were mainly after Sam, they had to lure her back to Woodsboro because it was crucial for the slasher film they were making. Amber suggested that since Sidney has been the final girl all those years, the franchise can't go on without her.

However, Scream 6 proved this wrong when Sidney did not show up in New York to fight off Ghostface. While Campbell's reason for not returning is due to pay disputes with Paramount, Gale reveals Sidney was going into hiding with her family to avoid Ghostface. This puts Amber's theory to rest, as Detective Bailey disagreed that Sidney was a crucial part of finishing Richie's movie.

Scream 6's Police Took Away A Body That Wasn't Quinn's

scream 6 quinn

Ghostface seemingly killed Quinn when he broke into her room at her, Tara, and Sam's apartment. There was even a scene of Detective Bailey crying after identifying the body as his daughter's. However, when Quinn revealed herself as one of the Scream 6 Ghostfaces at the film's end, Detective Bailey claimed they'd faked her death and switched her body out for another victim when the police came to take her away.

The detective identified the body as Quinn's, and they took his word for it. However, there would likely be some kind of DNA testing to confirm it was Quinn, and police would realize from photos of Quinn that the body they took looked nothing like her. Also, whoever the victim was likely had friends and family searching for them. It doesn't make sense that Detective Bailey could get away with this.

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The Identity Of Gale Weathers' Scream 6 Boyfriend Didn't Matter

Gale Weathers looking serious in Scream 4

When Scream 6's Ghostface goes to Gale's apartment to attempt to kill her, Gale's new boyfriend is revealed. Unfortunately, his appearance was brief since Ghostface killed him early into the scene. This offered him little time to serve a purpose in the film and also didn't allow the audience to learn much about him. This might have been a connection to Scream 5, when Ghostface killed Gale's former love interest, Dewey Riley, as it shows how relentless Ghostface is when taking away the people its victims love. However, Gale seemed unaffected by her boyfriend's death, making his inclusion in Scream 6 even stranger.

The New Ghostface Killers Wouldn't Know Gale Never Got A Phone Call

Scream 6 Gale Weathers Die

Another plot hole involving Gale was that Ghostface knew she had never gotten a phone call from a past Ghostface. While the Scream 6 Ghostface trio did extensive research on the past killers, it's unlikely they would have been able to figure this one out. Unless past Scream Ghostface killers kept a log of everyone they called and Detective Bailey could get his hands on it, none of the killers would know who the other Ghostfaces called. If there was a call log, this should have been included in Scream 6 to clear up the misunderstanding.

Sam Didn't Know About Richie's Family

Richie, Sam and Dewey all sitting on a couch in Scream 5

The twist at the end of Scream is that Detective Bailey and his children, Quinn Bailey and Ethan Landry, are after Sam for killing Richie Kirsch, Detective Bailey's son. While this was a shocking and satisfying reveal, it doesn't make sense that Sam wouldn't know who her boyfriend's family was. Even if they didn't live in Woodsboro, meaning Sam couldn't meet them in person, Richie likely would have shown her pictures of them and talked about them enough that she would recognize them. However, Scream 6 suggests that Sam was clueless about who Richie's relatives were.

Detective Bailey Building The Ghostface Shrine Was A Stretch

scream 6 movie theater shrine

Detective Bailey honored his son with a Ghostface shrine that included evidence and memorabilia from all the Ghostfaces of Scream's past. As a detective, it's assumed he got the evidence through work connections and possibly paying off other officers and detectives. However, this still doesn't make much sense. Why would anyone allow him access to all the Ghostface evidence, especially crimes committed in the late 90s? It would have been way too dangerous to let anyone touch the evidence, especially since the force knows how many copycat Ghostfaces there have been throughout the years.

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Scream 6's Stab Survival Logic

Mason Gooding, Jenna Ortega, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Devyn Nekoda, and Melissa Barrera in Scream 6.

Scream 6 had a satisfying ending with no main or legacy characters being killed. With Dewey's Scream 5 death, killing another prominent character, one film later would have been overdoing it. However, saving the main characters who were brutally stabbed wasn't the best route. Chad was so severely attacked that it seemed like a joke when he was wheeled out on a stretcher, still breathing. His sister Mindy was also badly stabbed on the subway, and by the final scene, she seemed miraculously healed. If filmmakers wanted to keep all the main characters alive, they should have made their wounds less extreme.

There Should've Been Police Suspicion With Bailey's Connection To Richie

scream 6 detective bailey

If Detective Bailey's coworkers didn't know he was Richie's father, then he did an excellent job at covering up his identity. If they did know, this would have immediately connected him to the murders, and he would have been the number one suspect. There were so many clues throughout Scream 6 that he was the killer. Including when Ghostface killed Sam's therapist quickly after she gave Detective Bailey all his information. Kirby, of all people, should have been able to pin the murders on the detective, but even she was clueless.

As usual, Scream 6 broke its own rules, shocked fans with its Ghostface reveal, and turned fans' expectations on their heads. Unfortunately, Scream 6's creative decisions also perplexed fans, leaving them with more questions at the film's end than they had going into it.

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