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Apple Watch displaying Control Center with Walkie-Talkie app enabled 1
What Is The Camera Icon On Your Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch displays several icons in Control Center, including one that looks like a camera and turns yellow when tapped. Here's what it means.

iPhone alarm with the snooze button 1
Why The iPhone Snooze Time Is 9 Minutes Long (& How To Change It)

Snoozing an iPhone alarm silences it for nine minutes — but why? Here's a closer look at the story behind the nine-minute snooze and how to change it.

Apple Watch Series 7 Web Browser Over The World 1
How To Use Apple Watch's Hidden Web Browser: Surf The Web From Your Wrist

Apple Watch has access to a web browser, but the company doesn't tell you how to find it or the three ways to start surfing from your wrist.

TikTok Slideshow 1
How To Create A Slideshow On TikTok (The Easy Way)

Looking for instructions on how to make a TikTok slideshow? Here's how to create a slideshow that's easy to customize in just a few steps.

can multiple people track an AirTag 1
Can Multiple People Track An AirTag? What You Need To Know

While AirTag is a handy tracking device for personal belongings, people often wonder whether multiple people can track it. Here's the truth.

Capture Moon Picture With Samsung Galaxy 1
How To Take A Picture Of The Moon With Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Samsung Galaxy users can capture stunning low-light images, including pictures of the moon, by using Pro Mode or Night Mode in their camera app.

Apple Watch SE 2 battery life and charging time 1
Apple Watch SE 2: Battery Life & Charging Times, Explained

The Apple Watch SE 2 is the successor to the original Watch SE, and comes with a host of improvements. But does that include better battery life?

Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra 1
Is The Samsung Galaxy S22 Waterproof? Everything You Should Know

Smartphones aren't supposed to get wet, but every now and then, accidents happen. If the Galaxy S22 falls in a pool or tub, will it be OK?

Apple Music Classical on iPhone 14 Pro next to Android mascot 1
Is Apple Music Classical On Android? What You Need To Know

Apple Music Classical is standalone app that's included with an Apple Music subscription at no extra cost. But can it be accessed on Android?

iPhone notification tone 1
Can You Change Notification Sounds On iPhone?

Many notification sounds on iPhone can be changed, including text message tones and voicemail alerts, but there are notable exceptions.

Snapchat Number 1 Best Friend 1
How To Make Someone Your No. 1 Best Friend On Snapchat (Super BFF)

Best Friend Emojis are a Snapchat favorite. Here are two ways to make someone a Super BFF. One is strategic, and the other comes at a cost.

Promotional image from GamePigeon. 1
GamePigeon For Android — Can You Play It & Best Alternatives

While it is possible to use iMessage on Android and Windows with a bit of work, GamePigeon is more difficult — but there are alternatives.

image of a red flower set as a lock screen wallpaper on an iPhone running iOS 16 1
Can You Set A Live Photo As Your iPhone Wallpaper In iOS 16?

If you're an iPhone user who wants to set a Live Photo as your lock screen wallpaper in iOS 16, here's what you should know about the feature.

Discord age 1
How To Change Your Age & Birthday On Discord

Setting an age when signing up is simple enough, but changing a Discord birthday after creating an account is far more complicated to do.

Android phone with USB logo 1
How To Change USB Settings On Android

Android devices can be connected to computers via USB, but users need to jump through a few hoops to get to their preferred USB configuration.

An iPhone showing the Software Updates Menu with Automatic Updates toggled On 1
iOS 16.4: All The New Features & Fixes Coming To Your iPhone

iOS 16.4 is now available for iPhone users to download, bringing features such as Voice Isolation for calls, 21 new emoji, and over 30 security fixes.

A phone displaying the tiktok logo is pictured against a black and purple background 1
How To Turn On Auto Scroll On TikTok & Watch Hands-Free

TikTok’s new auto scroll feature gives users the option to watch continuous videos on their FYP back-to-back without manually scrolling.

Thanos snap Google 1
How To Find The Avengers 'Thanos Snap' Google Search Easter Egg

Although Google's search results no longer contain the popular Thanos snap Easter egg, it can still be found online if you know where to look.

Disable Instagram autoplay videos 1
How To Stop Autoplay Videos On Instagram

Autoplay videos are a massive nuisance, although most social media sites let you disable them. So can you block autoplay videos on Instagram?

Nanoleaf Black Triangles both on and off in a room. 1
Nanoleaf Shapes & Lines Review: The Best Smart Lighting Solution Out There

Nanoleaf products are some of the most compatible smart home accessories out there, and they'll soon get Matter support. Here's how they work.