Tyler Posey bluntly responds to the constant questions about Dylan O'Brien's absence from Teen Wolf: The Movie. Although several actors from the original Teen Wolf series reprised their roles for the Paramount+ follow-up film, including Posey as the lead character Scott McCall, O'Brien confirmed early on that he wouldn't return as Stiles Stilinski because he felt happy with where he left his character when the show ended. This update fueled a lot of discussions, considering how O'Brien's standout portrayal was central to the success of the MTV supernatural drama and how vital the friendship between Stiles and Scott had been to the core themes of family and friendship that fueled the story.

In a new interview on the Zang Sang Show, Posey was asked directly if he was tired of the talk surrounding O'Brien's decision not to return for the movie.

Posey clarifies that he's not upset about the discussions about Stiles and O'Brien because they're significant to the show. As he continues, Posey says that he wants to be respected for being able to carry Teen Wolf on his own. Here is Posey's full response below:

"I love him. I’m never gonna speak for him but he’s a huge part of the show and my life so it makes sense. I equate it to when Blink broke up and people asked Mark, ‘Where’s Tom?'"

It’s something that I think might be annoying if I didn’t love him and respect him. I understand. He’s a huge part of the show but I am the f—cking show. That’s something that I was really looking forward to is showing the fans, obviously we love him so much, and you don’t love him more than I do, but I want to be respected as being able to carry this sh—t alone. Not alone, there’s a huge cast and they’re all so good, but this is now my thing and I’ve earned that."

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Why O'Brien's Teen Wolf Movie Absence Was Disappointing

Dylan O'Brien looking creepily at someone in Teen Wolf

While Posey is the face of Teen Wolf, it's also true that several factors were working against the Teen Wolf movie before it even debuted. Arden Cho, who played Kira, confirmed that she was offered less money than the rest of her female co-stars to return, and this caused her to decline. There was also the fact that, according to O'Brien, the project was announced and put together quickly. This suggested a lack of care about the overall material, with some discussion about whether the Teen Wolf name was being revived to prop up the recently revamped Paramount+ streaming service.

When the follow-up film did come out in January 2023, the largely negative reviews for Teen Wolf: The Movie and the even sharper negative response from viewers seemed to confirm the worst fears. The lack of Stiles is a somewhat significant plot thread, but it's handled poorly and felt like a disservice to what had been built up before. Scott barely seems to think of his best friend, who was essentially a brother to him.

It's indicative of how there was too much focus on cramming as much as possible onto the screen that it doesn't allow for the friendship moments. There's no telling, as yet, if there will be a sequel or a spinoff after Teen Wolf: The Movie. If more movies or spin-offs do happen, changes need to be made.

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Source: Zach Sang Show