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Marvel's Kingpin With Street-Level Heroes 1
Daredevil: Born Again's Rumored Kingpin Story Could Shape MCU Phase 5

New photos from the set of Daredevil: Born Again indicate a new role for Kingpin, one that could have drastic consequences for the MCU's Phase 5.

Tony Soprano and the poster for The Sopranos 1
What If The Sopranos' Original Movie Plan Actually Happened?

The Sopranos was initially pitched as a movie rather than a TV show, and things would have been very different if The Sopranos was a feature film.

Luke Skywalker and Landspeeder 1
Star Wars Introduces Something Even A New Hope Avoided

Every sci-fi franchise has to blend the strange and the familiar, even Star Wars - but The Mandalorian just crossed a line even George Lucas avoided.

grim reaper in the mcu teased in wandavision 1
New MCU Villain Pays Off A Genius Marvel Easter Egg Hidden In Phase 4

The MCU's Wonder Man streaming series has a newly-cast villain, but his introduction was subtly teased way back at the start of Phase 4.

Everything we know about star trek discovery season 5 1
Star Trek: Discovery Season 5: Renewal, Release Date, Cast, & Everything We Know

Star Trek: Discovery is confirmed to return for season 5 on Paramount+. Here's all of the current information of when Captain Burnham will be back.

Roy's Wedding The Office 1
Why The Office Season 9, Episode 2 Is So Unpopular (& Why It's Good)

The Office annoyed a lot of longtime viewers with season 9, episode 2, but this infamous outing may secretly be better than its unpopularity suggests.

Star trek tuvok captain janeway harry kim 1
1 Star Trek Voyager Hero Got Promoted Twice Offscreen

One of Star Trek: Voyager’s most beloved characters has enjoyed a pair of promotions since leaving the ship, though he may be in peril now.

Amelia & Maggie Holding Hands On Couch In Grey's Anatomy.jpg 1
1 Amelia Line Makes Maggie Leaving Grey’s Anatomy Even More Heartbreaking

Kelly McCreary is leaving Grey's Anatomy, and one line from the trailer for her upcoming final episode makes the whole thing even worse.

the-power-allie-halle-bush 1
Why The Power Needed To Begin The Show On Its Darkest Storyline

While it might seem strange that The Power elected to begin with its darkest storyline, the show needed to do so to convey the series’ tone.

Carson Teva and Bo-Katan Kryze in The Mandalorian. 1
Cancelled Star Wars Show Set Up By The Mandalorian

Rangers of the New Republic is no longer happening, but Star Wars continues to set it up with The Mandalorian season 3’s New Republic subplot.

supernatural-dean-amulet-meaning-explained 1
The Real Meaning Behind Dean’s Amulet In Supernatural

The necklace that Dean wears in Supernatural isn’t just a random piece from the costume department, but has real meaning and lore attached to it.

what if kahhori with the tesseract and the infinity stones in the mcu 1
The MCU Still Cannot Escape The Infinity Stones, Even In Phase 5

Marvel has revealed a new character for What If...? season 2 and has proven that the Infinity Stones are still pivotal to one corner of the MCU.

wednesday-season-2-love-triangle-tyler-xavier-problem-solve 1
How Wednesday Season 2 Can Solve Its Love Triangle Problem

Wednesday’s love triangle between Xavier and Tyler may not make sense for the main character, but season 2 can give the romance some meaning.

How i met your mother season 9 cast 1
How I Met Your Mother Season 9’s Biggest Gamble Failed

How I Met Your Mother's controversial series finale may have split the fan base, but it was season 9 at large that provided the show's worst mistake.

succession-season-4-didnt-tell-you-happened-between-seasons 1
What Succession Season 4 Didn't Tell You Happened Between Seasons

The first episode of Succession season 4 jumped several months after the season 3 finale, leaving unanswered questions about the time in between.

Captain Burnham starfleet academy 1
Starfleet Academy Can Do What Star Trek Discovery Didn't

The new Starfleet Academy TV series can further explore the strange new worlds that makeup Star Trek: Discovery’s 32nd century.

Sheldon and Leonard in The Big Bang Theory with Leonard and Penny looking 1
1 Controversial Big Bang Theory Scene Justifies Leonard’s Finale Problem

The Big Bang Theory's controversial opening scene secretly justifies Leonard's divisive specimen donation series finale problem with Penny.

A composite image of Captain Jonathan Archer and a battle between Romulans and Earth in Star Trek 1
Star Trek: The Earth - Romulan War, Explained

The Earth-Romulan War was one of the earliest conflicts in Star Trek history, and it shaped relations between the two worlds for centuries to come.

Star Wars Din Djarin and a Xenomorph From Aliens 1
The Mandalorian S3 E5 Has A Hidden Reference To Aliens

The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5 contained a haunting Aliens Easter egg - an appropriate nod to James Cameron's sci-fi classic film.

Trent Crimm and Colin Hughes in Ted Lasso 1
Trent Crimm Outing Colin In Ted Lasso Season 3 Would Be A Mistake

Ted Lasso season 3, episode 3 had a major reveal surrounding Colin's character that journalist-turned-author Trent Crimm discovered as well.